The Difference between Fans and Fanboys

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Fans vs Fanboys by theEyZmaster:thumb408795214:

Being a fan means that there's something you like/love and enjoyed and supports them. While you can agree and disagree on someone's opinions but you can at least accept their criticisms and maybe understand where they're coming from and acknowledging it's faults.

Being a fanboy on the other hand, not only you love something you obsess with them like you escape from the real world and don't want to leave in your Fantasy world like not accept people's opinions/criticisms, totally refuse to knowledge its faults, and probably attack someone who doesn't have the same opinions/interests as yours
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masoniconHobbyist General Artist
Fans are Rational while Fanboys are Irrational
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dudihoHobbyist General Artist
I used to be a fanboy of Sonic, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil and Hey Arnold. Now I'm just a fan, not a fanboy anymore. Fans and fanboys are the yin and the yang, apples and oranges, opinions and facts.
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I guess I’m at a crossroads between fan & fanboy when it comes to certain fandoms/characters/OTPs 😅😅😅
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YoyoThePotatoHobbyist Traditional Artist
So basically:
Fan = Sane fan
Fanboy / girl = Rabid fan

Am I correct or no?
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LunarLeaf100Student General Artist
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In few words, sometimes fanboys ruin cartoons with fandom.
My favorite cartoons that are invaded by fanboys/girls are:
Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, TMNT 2012, Steven Universe, Star vs The Forces of Evil and Milo Murphy's Law.
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oboeshoes16Hobbyist Writer
Fans understand what they love; fanboys blindly worship them
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SophiaDahlenHobbyist General Artist
I think I used to be a fangirl over Sailor Moon.
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Nice to know that I'm a fan and not a fanboy.
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Matrooko11Hobbyist Artist
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Fanboys make up the majority of the Sonic fanbase.
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This is literally the difference between Saw7yerMage and ForneverWorld.
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Thank you.  As much as I may love Ellie from The Last of Us or Harley Quinn, I don't act like they're objectively better than real life people such as JFK or George Washington.
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Well said.
I also like Ellie from Last Of Us, but it’s safe to say I don’t worship her 😅
I just think up ideas for personal short stories/fanfictions that I can include her in.
Same for my other favorite characters.
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Pretty much! :nod:
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greatlucarioStudent Digital Artist
Well said! Clap 
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Couldn't have put it better myself
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XenoBlazeXL666Student Artist
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Shartist-HunterHobbyist General Artist
Nice comparison, bud. :clap:
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You don't know how much this made my day.
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stevenrichHobbyist Artist
Fanboy: "I reject your reality and substitute my own."
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Too true.
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