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People are still bitching about this movie. Some say it's one of the Best Disney Movies, some say it's good but not great, some say it's just ok, and some say not only it’s overrated but terrible too. Well for me, I don't think Frozen is one of Disney's best or worst, I just found it alright. I can see it has its problems and some good stuff but it was just ok for what it is. I just don't think it deserves to have so many merchandises for its hyper but at the same time, it doesn’t deserve the hate too. Because What I think The Best of Disney, I think of The Lion King, Wreck It Ralph, and Lilo and Stitch. And what I think the worst of Disney, I think of Chicken Little, most of Disney Sitcoms, and most of Disney Direct to Video Sequels like Mulan 2, Fox and the Hound 2, and Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World. So imo, Frozen isn't awful or that great, it's just fine. Maybe overhyped but there’s nothing wrong people can enjoy it. I mean trust me, there are much worst Disney movies than Frozen.
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PixarFan2015Student Digital Artist
It is fine that we got the sequel last year.
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xXC00LKlDSXxHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not a fan of Frozen (I haven't seen the sequel but I want to so I currently have no opinion on it), but those who still bitch about it and say it's the worst Disney film need to watch Belle's Magical World, Teen Beach Movie, Cars 2, and The Fox and The Hound 2. 
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Don’t want to forget Mulan 2 too.
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I like Frozen, but I don't love it. And even though I feel that's it's a bit overrated, I don't hate it. So I'm pretty much neutral.
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So in other words, both sides should just... "Let it Go"?
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If you ask me, Song of the South was one of the worst.
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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
maybe if everyone didn't get so over excited about Frozen than maybe it wouldn't be so hated as it is right now. if everyone just left the theater saying "it was a decent movie and I enjoyed it" instead of saying "OMG this is the best film Disney ever made and it's like nothing you've seen before" because the hype is what people are complaining about than maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal. 
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I think Frozen is... good but it's not the greatest Disney film ever.
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I love Frozen, but I respect your opinion.
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Exactly. :)

And ugh...don't even mention those horrid follow-up films. :bleh:
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In my opinion, this film leaves a lot to be desired for. I just hope Frozen 2 will be better than the first movie.
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People who bitch about Frozen have obviously never heard of Boss Baby. That movie is awful.
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Media-MantisStudent General Artist
I don't know if I think it's the worst or not but it seems to be the only Disney Princess movie I don't like at all. 
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Mini-CrushiesHobbyist Digital Artist
I used to be obsessed with it but I'm not anymore, it's just meh to me now. But I do definitely think it's overrated
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Gloomy-FishHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Frozen is a good film, but it has its flaws. Expecially where Hans is concerned - he's actually a badly-written character. 
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At one point I would believe you, but now... no I cannot find anything really redeeming in frozen
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EmmoniCrashStudent General Artist
(in Mordy's voice): Aw man. Benson's gonna be mad about the news about Frozen because the Arendelle sisters can't be in everywhere!!!!
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Strongcheetah24Student Traditional Artist
I have mixed feelings about this movie. Sometimes I love it and
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I will admit this movie is rather overrated but I still love it, still each to their own.
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FrancisJeremyXavyerStudent Writer
Frozen is one of, if not the, princess movie that truly defied the tropes the other ones spent so long building up.
That does not excuse the overhype, though. Overhyping anything is gonna ruin people's perception of whatever it is.
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CaptRiskyBootsStudent Digital Artist
I just don't understand why it was so overhyped.
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Angrybirdsguy2001Hobbyist Artist
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It was okay, but it set absolutely no new standards.
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SpookyMarilynHobbyist Digital Artist
I personally found it "meh", just really overhyped and overrated.
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