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AM better than LA Movies Stamp

By FireMaster92
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Fill Free to use this stamp. :)
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adelita03Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Same!! Heart Heart Heart 
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DanCatDrawzHobbyist Filmographer
So Do I
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FantasiacornStudent Artist
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MatthewDaAnimeFanboyHobbyist General Artist
Same but I love Spider-Man Homecoming, Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War.
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ChocolatTheAngelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dawalk86's avatar
I'm partial to both.
SonSilvShad18's avatar
I STRONGLY disagree with this.
Day-DreamingSnarker's avatar
Too true but I still have a few live action favorites.
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DaBairHobbyist General Artist
I like some live-action movies, but animated movies are always more fun.
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Matrooko11Hobbyist Artist
:salute: Animated films fuel my creativity and imagination more than live action movies. :D
dark-kunoichi92's avatar
Same here.  Guilty as charged. :wave: 
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Same! Live action movies bore me out most of the time....
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Agreed. Live-action films just don't inspire me as much as animated films do.
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Many Animated Movies are great, excpecially the Disney Movies from the 90ties...
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Twilightcloversuper8Hobbyist Digital Artist
What's wrong with the per-renaissance movies?
Lamiaman's avatar
Which ones you mean?
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REIdepenguinStudent Traditional Artist
same here
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ArthurEngineHobbyist Artist
One thing I don't like about live action movies is when they adapt cartoons into them, because the majority are screwed up a lot.
FireMaster92's avatar
Tell me about it. Like they did to Avatar: The Last Airbender(The Last Airbender), Dragon Ball series(Dragonball Evolution), Garfield(The Garfield Movie 1 & 2), The Smurfs (The Smurfs 1 & 2), and Inspector Gadget(Inspector Gadget The Movie).
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The Dragon Ball series is a Manga. Manga are Japanese comic books so how is that different than ANY comic book based movie we got here in the west like The original Spiderman trilogy, The Dark Knight trilogy and so on?
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ArthurEngineHobbyist Artist
That's not going without saying that some live action movies adapted from cartoons can actually be good. The Rocky and Bullwinkle movie and the George of the Jungle movie are examples of good live action movies.

Back to bad ones. I heard there's going to be another Smurfs movie. There was going to be a Marvin the Martian live action movie, but thankfully, it was scrapped. I heard there's going to be a Capt'n Planet live action movie. Not sure about its status. but if that movie sees the light, then our world is in peril.
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Twilightcloversuper8Hobbyist Digital Artist
.....The Smurfs reboot is gonna be animated. Facepalm 
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ArthurEngineHobbyist Artist
CGi animated? :facepalm:
Twilightcloversuper8's avatar
Twilightcloversuper8Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, God. You're one of those rabid nostalgia fantards, aren't you?:shakehead: 
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