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As a Huge Shantae fan, I got to say that this is one of The Best Shantae Fanarts I have ever seen. The visual, the colors, and the styl...

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Thoughts On Trolls (2016)
“I just can’t take all this kindness in one sitting…...NEED…...HATRED……”
Plankton, Walking Small

F**k this movie.

...Should I really say anything else? I I didn’t think I’d find another film like The Boss Baby, especially as they’re BOTH from DreamWorks. I get that no studio is perfect, but to screw up this badly?...TWICE?!...It’s almost unbelievable!...Unbelievable and SAD...With that said...Freaking Trolls.
Now, you might be thinking, what am I getting so worked up about? Sure, it doesn’t look like it would hold a candle to something like Shrek or Madagascar, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be THAT bad, right?
Well, if you’re really curious...brace yourselves.
Once upon a time in a happy forest, in the happiest tree lived the happiest creatures the world has ever known...the trolls. 
By the way, that’s not me doing a silly
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As a hardcore anime fan, this is a very hard and depressing time to witness this such a thing. :(
If there's one thing I'm willing to give Vic Mignogna credit for, is that, when all these accusations and claims popped up....he spoke up and addressed them. He acknowledged that his career was in jeopardy, and at least tried to apologize.

In that sense, he has much more integrity than Doug Walker could even hope to have when his reputation was destroyed.

....and while we're on the subject, now Sean Schemmel (Friggin Goku) is the next one to act hostile during this dark time. Man...this damn controversy is really bringing out the worst in everyone isn't it?
Honestly, Dragonball Super: Broly Movie would of be my favorite of all Dragonball movies if they didn’t add Minus in it.

7 Years Later and still no Kid Icarus anime series yet. Come on, Nintendo! You have a great opportunity and fans would love to see it. I mean you have Kirby Right Back At Ya and that show was pretty enjoyable, so why not this?
Just finished Super Smash Bros Ultimate North America Tournament #2 and I got good news and bad news.

Bad News: I lost in the 3rd round.

Good News: I won two rounds. Not bad for the first try, right?
Despite disagreeing on Mr Enter being a “poor” reviewer because I think he’s decent, Regulas314 pretty much sums up Lily Orchard’s problems.
While I’ll admit to agreeing with a lot of what Lily Orchard says, she really is a shit reviewer. She never ever elaborates on anything she says and doesn’t seem to like the idea of being challenged or proven wrong in any way. I understand she wants her audience to think for themselves, but... how can I put this?

Shes like one of those roleplay dominatrixes if she was like that 24/7 and thinks were all bad little boys who need to be spanked! She’s the worst kind of condescending asshole who has NEVER VALUED the opinions of anyone who doesn’t fit her mold 100%!

I get why she doesn’t take requests or suggestions, but it’s like she lives in her own little echo chamber. Shaming people who disagree with you is just wrong!

As much poor a critic as I find MrEnter, I know he’d never stoop to this level of idiocy except when he first did Rocket Monkeys; and even then I understood what he was going for. He has the same problem of never elaborating, choosing instead to basically read off summaries of whatever he reviews rather than, yknow, actually criticize for the most part.

What makes them different? Enter actually LISTENS TO OUR FEEDBACK. While he’s become a paranoid wreck and distrustful towards people, he still takes the time to listen to what people have to say and knows when people like me are spouting nonsense or insanity.
Well, I need to get some sleep now because tomorrow, I’m gonna participate Super Smash Bros Ultimate North America Event.…

And with this link that Regulas314 showed me, I officially have had with Lily and her behavior because this is The Final Straw for me. Even I do agree with her points on MLP Post Rainbow Rocks Redemption Villains and some other videos she talked about but she goes all the way by saying that we have no taste in anime, thinks we're nothing but horny perverts and advice us to see a therapist over it? Not only it truly offends me, I just lost all of my respects on her... even as a reviewer because she clearly has no respect towards anime and people who like anime.
I’m done with Lily Orchard now. There’s just no getting through to her about how good anime CAN BE  in not just settling for what minimizes the pervy aspects, but good on it’s own merits. It isn’t just a matter of turning your brain off to garbage, in fact I find I have the exact OPPOSITE problem.

Calling me mentally deficient and enjoying digestible “garbage” like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones like a zombie without ever paying attention. Or making it seem like wasting the action and keeping up with subs is SUCH A CHORE? This crosses the fucking line.

Most people who yell at or insult me do so for a justifiable reason. This is just low resistance bile set ablaze by her own toxic mindset. Saying I need to get glasses? Fucking really? Saying that just because I’ve only rarely dealt with bad anime that I have terrible tastes? I can’t fathom why you and Sketchy would associate with each other, I really can’t.

You’re a cunt Lily. I don’t know about the other claims against you but I know you’re a thoroughly unpleasnt human being. Any good will I might have had for you is dead. I know how petty that sounds, but she’s the most brain dead, stubborn, prideful, vain sniveling little prick I’ve ever had the displeasure of talking to; and this is ME who’s saying this!

Well, that sucks. If Smash Ultimate is really the official last Smash game, than we’ll never see Palutena’s Guidances on Fighter Pass Characters.
I just watched The LEGO Movie 2 and I actually like it better than the first one.


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They already convinced me to not liking that cartoon.
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