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The real world, firm, clear, sure...
The unreal world, moved, dark, unknown...
Which do you prefer?
Me that unreal.
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Is this IR or just a 'regular' long exposure? :confused:
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Is one of the first experiments with IR

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This view takes me back to much loved holidays in Italy, beautiful. :heart:
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If you return in Italy do me him to know
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This strikes me as a bit of an advert for walking the knife edge between the two. You give both quite the allure.

After all, the unreal has nightmares that can bleed into the real.
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Hi! :wave:

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really peacefull.. I love it ^^
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a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice one ..
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Masha`a Allah

it`s immmmmmmmazing

thanks maan...
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If the unreal world looks like this, I'm I wna to go for it.
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wow, this is really beautiful :heart:

i think there's nothing more to say... stunning picture
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Ansel Adamsy.
Beautiful and emotive!
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even tho the photo is truly amazing.... uve got the real and unreal world mixed up.......... the real world is total opposite of wat u say it is.... its unsure, full of half truths and lies and ppl ready to sell their firmness of anything from beliefs or themselves for money, power and fame. I prefer the unreal world, where everything is perfect...
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That would depend if one is a pessimist as compared to an optimist :)
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totaly correct
Jackass-Designs's avatar
lol......... it wud......but in this case it wud be more like a realist and (willfully)ignorant issue :D
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Hmmm maybe, maybe not, after all life is what you make it! :)
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true that......... but life also makes of you what it wants and some learn from others mistake, while some just enjoy the moment of safety/happiness ....... we are 2 ppl wid very different views arent i dont even know where this discussion is headed anymore..... i have been known to be random.......
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Yes, you are almost as random as I am lol

Life also though is the result from every action causes a reaction, one path today, may be the wrong one tomorrow.
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hahahaha.........u got me there........ i have nothing to say..... i guess im 21 years too young to reach your level.... "one path today, may be the wrong one tomorrow" i agree with that completely..... ppl cant predict the future, so we often take the wrong paths.......

have you ever wondered how some movies/shows (eg heroes) make technology a part of evolution.... i mean i can get ppl flying, its been there forever and was created by God, but how can ppl evolve to control technology???? i mean everything abt technology is man made......... there is no biological link between man and machine......... u know wat i mean?........... that being said im a fan of heroes (the first season at least) but some things tht are just completely irrrational/immpossible but they expect us to believe it....... an insult to human intellect....... u see how random i am? i swear this is the first thing i thought abt after reading ure comment......
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Actually i have never really watched Hero's, though 24 I sure as heck do and House! :)
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