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Daily Deviation
February 25, 2013
Yarrrr by ~Firell
Featured by MidnightExigent
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inspired by this artwork…
Flying Spaghetti Monster & Raptor Jesus.
I've always loved raptors, I've always loved spaghetti, so why not?


Upd: DD?! WUT :iconslowpokeplz:
THANK YOU GUYS i'm crying
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© 2012 - 2021 Firell
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drommk's avatar
any chance I can find this on a t-shirt somewhere?
Firell's avatar
Hello! Not yet :) But if you interested i can upload this drawing in one of these sites where you can do custom t-shirt/pillow/phone case. Maybe you know some trustworthy site like this who deliver in your country? Sorry for the late answer.
Vespertine420's avatar
This is wonderful !
Firell's avatar
aw thanks :3
megalbagel's avatar
(and by God I obviously mean FSM)
QuantumBranching's avatar

But where's Ceiling Cat? :D
:iconnomemeplz: Not funny or blasphemous.
JizneDar's avatar
нуёпвашужужмать это шедевр!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Firell's avatar
хах, спасибо :D
Firell's avatar
валяется у меня ещё один тефтельный шедевр незаконченный. будет на то Его Макаронная воля, дорисую в ближайшем времени)
JizneDar's avatar
Отличные новости) Надо не забыть остаьлную часть вашей галлереи проглянуть)
coyotepack's avatar
Does this make the Invisible pink unicorn the holy ghost?
Firell's avatar
that's exactly right!
coyotepack's avatar
I take the unicorn's in the background.
fuyu-oleander's avatar
This is great! :iconfurrylaplz: I love all the folds in their clothes and the shading and, and, and everything!

...the FSM kind of scares me. ._.
nbh62698's avatar
I try to respect all faith, but this is silly.
skillington's avatar
All religions are equally silly, that's the point. Why respect silly religions?
Clearmirror-StillH2O's avatar
Oh My-FSM! maybe add a holy ghost lasagna thinngy and you'd have the holy trinity hehe! now how can i get this as my T-Shirt design? that would be epic^^
asaenvolk's avatar
Teach the controversy
Foxfire96's avatar
I see that you too have been touched by His noodly appendage. R'amen, bro, r'amen.
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