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Phew...I'm finally getting back to editing pictures and updating sites after a very long rush on cosplay throughout the spring and summer.  Let's start with one of my newest costumes: Dejah Thoris from Disney's "John Carter" movie!  I hope you enjoy :D

Dejah Thoris - Zodanga Wedding Dress by FireLilyCosplay
I'm selling a few costumes and wanted to let you know!  You can message me on here or email me at for inquiries.  Dr. Mrs. Cheerleader is on hold at the moment!

I've taken a long break from DA because I've been so busy making costumes and dealing with real life stuff, but I'm hoping to get back on here more regularly!

I have a new deviation up - my 1775 Polonaise!  I hope you enjoy :D

Pretty Polonaise, 1775 by FireLilyCosplay
I took an inadvertent break from DA simply because it was getting to be too much to be on here - I was managing several groups for submissions and I simply didn't have the time to be on here as often as I previously had.  I also moved in November and took my end of the year break from cosplay, so I wasn't on my desktop at all for about 3 months.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I'm now back and still have more costumes to share with you all!

Starting off with a new picture of Laurie as Silk Spectre from Before Watchmen!

Silk Spectre Lightbox by FireLilyCosplay
Sorry I've been a bit MIA lately - I've been getting back to real life now that the con season is over.  I'm actually moving this weekend, so I've also been busy packing and prepping to move!

But I have lots of pictures that still need to be edited and lots of new things to start working on, so hopefully I can get to that very soon.  In the mean time, here's one of my newest costumes: Lara Croft!

Yes, I am having another costume sale!!  I have too many costumes in my closet and need to send some off to loving homes.

Please PM me here or email me at

It's been a very busy past few months. Otakon happened, and then Dragon Con happened, and I haven't had much time in between to edit pictures or get new costume pages up. However, I do have a fun surprise in the works - a friend is helping revamp my website and the new layout looks amazing so far! I can't wait to get it all set up.

Beside that, Dragon Con was an interesting learning experience. When it was fun, it was really fun (Walk of Fame and seeing all the guests was incredible, James Marsters invited us to his concert and it was awesome, got to see lots of friends and take lots of photos). But when it was bad, it was really bad (violation of fire code on multiple nights in the Marriott and Hyatt due to massive overcrowding and over heating, the rain on Sunday drove scores of people into the hotels and made the sky walks disaster areas, being denied at multiple places to take pictures, the reliance on hotel staff for security instead of using con staff, and the lack of crowd and line control by staff). Overall, we learned a lot about how the con works in general and will be better prepared for next year. We already have our badges bought and our rooms secured at the Westin! And I think we will definitely be flying instead of driving - 20 hours round trip was exhausting.

I'm still waiting on pictures for various costumes, but they are slowly coming in and I will be posting those up when I get the chance. I am officially done with Con Season, so now I have commissions to work on and costumes to prepare for Katsucon in February!  You can see more updates as they roll in at Fire Lily Cosplay!
Otakon was such a blast. Had a great time with friends and wearing new costumes and getting tons of pictures!! I think my favorite new costume was Taurus. As soon as I get the pictures back from photographers, I will be posting them up here!

I was actually quite grateful to the Masquerade Dept. for allowing be to judge, but also for having a memoriam to Marty Gear before the show started. I was not expecting it but it was well received and I was so glad it happened. Marty's Memorial was on August 18th at Savage Mill, MD, and it was a wonderful send off. Many people spoke about Marty, stories were shared, and his costumes were on display for close-up admiration, and we all felt it was a proper mini Marty-Con ^__^

So, now I'm looking to DragonCon and I am bringing a plethora of costumes! This is my first time going, so I'm trying to have a nice, fluid time so I can see what the con is all about. I have a few panels and autographs sessions and gatherings lined up, but I want to keep everything pretty low key. Here's what I have scheduled as far as costumes:

Thursday - arrive/check in/get bearings/have dinner

Friday AM - Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Underworld
Friday PM - Maeve & Dresden
Friday night - Dr. Mrs. Cheerleader for Venture Bros. Party

Saturday AM/early PM - Silk Spectre: Before Watchmen
Saturday PM - Robin & Marian from Men In Tights
Saturday night - Classy Evening with Chris G.

Sunday AM - Caprica Six Red Dress, BSG
Sunday early PM - Taurus by Sakizo with a group
Sunday PM - whatever I want to rewear

I hope to see many of you there and as always, please don't hesitate to say hi!

My heart is heavy today - a dear friend, mentor, and icon in the realm of costuming has passed away. Marty Gear was just the most amazing, interesting, and inspiring person I have ever had the pleasure to know.

Always full of wonderful stories, always giving advice and open to learning new methods or techniques, always pushing costumers to do more/be more/give more/learn more, and always quick with witty remarks, compliments, and hugs, Marty will always be there in the background, watching our presentations, laughing at our jokes, and giving us that vampire stare he was so famous for. I am so very lucky to have known him and to have been present at his last Balticon, which he poked and prodded me to go to and I'm so very glad he did!

I hope you all will remember him for his amazing work with many conventions across the country, trying to bring together the old generations and the new through costuming and the sharing of knowledge. I hope you will remember him for his kindness and sincerity, and his humor and personality. I hope you will remember him for the years and years of contributions to and leadership in the costuming world. But most of all, I hope you will remember him for being "Uncle Marty" - a big old softie with a heart of gold and fangs to match.

Love you, Uncle Marty :heart:

I do have a lot to report on Anime Mid-Atlantic and lots of new pictures for you all, but I need to make room in my closet first!!  I'm selling a lot of costumes and would love for them to go to good and loving homes.  Please take a look at my listings!  (EDIT: Lujei Piche and two other costumes from off list have sold!)

You can see more pictures, details, and information regarding each costume on my website: Fire Lily Cosplay

You're probably all out doing awesome things tonight, but as I had to work today, I'm now at home sewing and working on things for Anime Mid-Atlantic next weekend!  I'm sorry I've been MIA for a bit - I have been working a lot, making a lot of costumes, trying to have a life, and generally doing more things than I have time for in the day.

I still don't have a firm costume schedule yet, but here's what it's looking like (give or take a costume). I will be judging the Hall Costume Competition and attending the Masquerade.  I also have to apologize, as I will not be giving any panels this year - I missed the cut off date to submit panels by one day! I do so enjoy speaking and sharing knowledge with you all at conventions! So, instead, I'll be wandering around more and attending panels this time around.  I am bringing my Dragon Keeper Court Outfit, newly revamped and christened with awards from Balticon 47, which I attended in the last week of May.  I was super shocked and very humbled to have won Best in Show at the Masquerade!!!  It definitely reaffirms my faith in my skill as a costumer and competitor and it has helped me to look forward not only to the ambitious plans I have for next year, but also has pushed me to take on more original creations (while still being based on some existing media - I'm still much better at re-creations).

So, here's the schedule for Anime Mid-Atlantic!  Hope to see you there!

It's been a pretty busy last few weeks for me.  I finished my commissions for Waveya for Anime Matsuri at the end of March and they looked fantastic!  
You can catch their performance here:

I will also be at T-Mode next weekend and here's what I'll be bringing and presenting!

And I have a New Deviation up: Luka from Vocaloid, Just Be Friends.  Check it out! it's already been 3 weeks since Katsucon!!!  I miss it so - I had such a great time and saw so many friends.

I didn't have too much time to relax before getting back into the swing of cosplay.  I'm currently working on two commissioned costumes for members of the KPop Dance Group Waveya, who will be performing at Anime Matsuri in Houston at the end of March in their US debut!!  It's such an exciting prospect to make these talented gals some costumes.

And as soon as I'm finished with those commissions, I have 3 other commissions to start on: Chopin and Crescendo from "Eternal Sonata," and Hitman.  And somewhere in there I have to make time to attend T-Mode and work on my own costumes for BaltiCon!

Anywho, if you are interested in keeping up with me on a day-to-day basis, feel free to follow me on Facebook!!  And as soon as I rub two seconds together, I should be updating my website and making a new Large Wing Tutorial, too :D  All in a 48-hour day's work, right?

Katsucon is this weekend and I'm still working on things to bring!  About 85% finished with Ezio from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.  I didn't even get to start on my TRON costumes, so I'm bringing Vocaloid Luka instead for the Masquerade.  Here's my changed schedule:

I have a pretty packed schedule since I'm also staffing for the Masquerade, so if you see me and I'm in a hurry please forgive me - it just means I'm working!  Anyway, I hope to see a lot of you there - please come say hi if you get a chance!
Seems like everyone is getting their Katsucon schedule together, so here's mine:

I already have a lot of photoshoots planned, plus I'm staffing the Masquerade and heading up the judges again, so I will be busy, busy, busy!

Also, a HUGE THANK YOU for all the wonderful Birthday Wishes!  You guys are awesome and I really appreciate it!  

Christmas is next week and I am stupidly excited for it!  I've got so much going on that I am looking forward to a day of just relaxing and playing with new toys/fun stuff in front of a fire, listening to Christmas music, and eating a huge breakfast.  I hope you and yours have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Cosplay!  In 2012, I made 16 new costumes, and next year is already looking to be more.  I've made a LOT of updates to my website, including New Costumes, New Commissions, New Pictures of various costumes, New Planned Costumes, a New Convention Schedule, and a tally of 2012.  So take a look!

Anime USA came and went.  I actually got to help out Cosplay Guests Marty Gear and DizzyLizzy with their Cosplay Panels, and I was asked last minute to be a Masquerade Judge!  All the skits were great and the winners were well deserved.  I'm still getting pictures together of my Purple Dress Jem and will post those and Laurie Juspeczyk when I've edited them all.

Today's update is just a mini-update, but an important one.  I reached 1,000 Followers on my Facebook Cosplay Page, and as a treat I've made the Foam Board Weapon Tutorial as a thank you!  You can see it here: Foam Board Weapon Tutorial.  If you are curious about my costuming plans and day to day goings on, feel free to follow along on my Facebook Page, and many thanks to those of you who already do!!

AnimeUSA is this weekend, and though I was not planning to attend, I will be dropping in to see friends and to help host some panels with my friends DizzyLizzy and Marty Gear!

I will be wearing Riddel Viper on Friday and Purple Dress Jem on Saturday.

I have also updated my website (finally!!), which you can see here, or click any of the pics to follow! Fire Lily Cosplay


I do have a new Deviation out: Yuna from Final Fantasy X!!  You can see more pics of Yuna on my site :D

And lastly, for my most up to date cosplay info, costume progress, and convention news, please follow me on my Facebook Page!  I'll be having a Picture Giveaway at 1,000 Likes, along with a new Tutorial!
I hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween, and for those of you in the New England area without power, heat, water (or too much water), I wish you all a fast recovery and hope that life will return to normal soon.  My heart goes out to everyone endangered and burdened by Hurricane Sandy - you are ever in my thoughts.

A few announcements.  
- Firstly, I will not be able to attend Youmacon this weekend.  Due to the storm, I have to work and I'm unable to make the trip :/  I hope you all have fun!!!!!
- Secondly, I am starting work on November commissions and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is my first to work on!  I absolutely love this movie and I'm so excited to work on her!
- Last, I have a new Deviation up: Yuna from Final Fantasy X!  

Here is my schedule for New York Comic Con!!  I may or may not bring the purple Jem dress, but I will see if I have time.

Friday: She-Ra!
Saturday: Jem and the Holograms, pink and purple dresses.
Sunday: Laurie Juspeczyk from Watchmen - Silk Spectre II , Before Watchmen version; and Aya Brea from Parasite Eve (with Pixiekitty's Cosplay as Aya from The third birthday.

Extras: Going to see Sleep No More NYC on Friday night!!  Awesome Parasite Eve night photos on Sunday in Times Square!! Fabric shopping on Thursday or Monday!!  Going to be sooooo awesome.