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Sharpie Wig Dyeing Tutorial

I know there are a few others out there, but here is my tutorial for Sharpie dyeing a wig! This works best with Kanekalon and other premium synthetic wigs. Eleora and cheaper synthetic wigs may not dye evenly. Make sure to check your wig fiber content before attempting to dye!

I've had a lot of practice with this method, and this is the formula that works best for me, so I hope it can help you dye your wig the custom color you are looking for!

Many thanks to my friend Envel who helped me with my first Sharpie dyeing experience. Tutorial and all images therein are Copyright Fire Lily and

EDIT: Since so many people ask this question, I'm addressing it here. "How do I dye a wig black?" Since Black Sharpies are concentrated purple, you will have to use FW Ink, India Ink, or another Artists Ink and follow the FW Ink Dyeing Method: [link]

Another method is to color/sharpie the wig by hand using a black Sharpie. This will give it a slightly purple sheen, but it will come out black.
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I am going to get a black wig with white-silver streaks. would i be able to make it look light yellow with this dying technique? thank you for making this infographic:)

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I realize that this is an old post (thank you, by the way! It's just what I need for a future project!), but I have a question... I would like to sharpie-dye the roots of a Kenma wig. Do you suggest using bottled solution or simply marker-colouring the areas at the top of the wig, where the base colour is shining through?
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I'd personally use a bottle to spray the roots and let them dry, then rinse it all in cold water. Hand marketing will take a longer time, but may give you more control. I just prefer quicker methods :)
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Thank you for your swift reply!

If I were to hand marker it, would it still be advised to rinse it out afterwards, or should I simply let dry? Thanks again!
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Let it dry, then rinse it out to prevent residue and bleeding.
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How would you suggest dyeing a wig to a lighter colour at the tips? Specifically I'm referring to Princess Midna's hair, which has a noticeable yellow hint at the tips. Thank you!
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You can't. You have to get a lighter wig and darken the top. Or you can get extension hair of the lighter color, darken the top, and sew them in.
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Ah, I see! Thank you very much, this was a big help. ^^
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What would you suggest if I am starting with a teal blue and I want to dye a purple ombre?  Should I get a pink or purple sharpie?
Hello I have a wig that is a mix of human and synthetic hair , it's a pastel purple I was wondering if I could dye it red using this method ? And if so how many markers would I need , it's past shoulder length , and will it damage my wig ? Thank you
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I don't know - you'll have to test it. You may need at least 5 markers or more. Once you dye it, it will be permanently colored, so keep that in mind.
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Can you wash the wig without it bleeding onto other parts of the wig? I need to dye a few sections a dark gray and the main color of the wig is white.
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As long as you start with cold water, it should be OK. Just don't let the wig sit in the water.
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is it recommended to curl a sharpie dyed wig???
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hi do you have advice for newbie in conventions? i plan to go to a convention for april and i have no idea what to bring honestly T^T
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Costumes, sewing emergency kit, regular clothes, comfy shoes, your own pillow, ear plugs, toiletries, food, water, Advil, and good friends :)
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got it :3 thank you!
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Brilliant stuff! Genius!
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I'm planning on buying a wig that is half light-ish pink, and half medium brown. However, I want the pink to be a bit darker, and less bright, and I want the brown to be much darker, as I am cosplaying Neo from RWBY.  Is this method of dying still applicable, even though the colors in the wig are already fairly dark?  

Thanks for your time!
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Sure, as long as the ink you are using is darker than the original colors.
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I have a very bright red wig that I was hoping I could darken to a more maroon colour (Rin Matsuoka hair). There's a maroon sharpie colour that I can easily get my hands on at the art store close by, but I was wondering how to avoid making a huge mess.
I live with my parents, you see, and dying a sink maroon red would get me killed >.< (they already get angry if I simply wash paints in the sink..)
Is it something I could do outside? Would I dye stuff outside too? 
And if I'm going to do this, how many sharpies would you recommend? I'm thinking three, as the wig is already red, but if I'm trying to darken it...
Sorry for so many questions, and thanks in advance!! :)
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Sure! Just take a bucket or large container and soak it outside, then let it dry on a tarp or plastic sheet.

The number of Sharpies depends on how long the wig is. Short wig - 3 or 4. Medium - 7 or 8. Long - 9 or more.
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