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Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

Photographer: Loretta Frost,
Costume made and worn by me
This photo may not be used as stock without express permission of the photographer and costumer

I have been wanting to make this costume forever!!!!!!! And I finally did <3

Dress is made using satin, stretch satin, satin taffeta, and Peau de Soie. I really liked the idea Pikmin Link and several other cosplayers had about making the sleeves out of stretch material for a closer fit. I also made a corset of satin taffeta, gold flossing, and 26 steel bones to obtain a cinched waist and get a better shape for the costume. The bodice looks a little wrinkly, but that's because it is very form fitting.

The petticoat is blue organza ruffles with a white cotton overlay. I made the crown and necklace out of Wonderflex and craft foam. I already owned the shoes and the wig and just touched up on the styling. A big thank you goes to Allen Gale for the idea of underarm gussets - it definitely helped my arm mobility!

As far as the Disney Effect goes, it showed up in spades! I was ambushed by a class of high school freshmen on a field trip, got pics with two drunk wedding attendees, and one of the drunk guys snatched my crown straight off my head and put it on for our picture!! Being a Disney Princess is hard work!!
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I love this blue dress!
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your welcome!
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You look amazing, great job. Is there a pic of the full dress anywhere?
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Wow!   I was mainly looking at Maleficent artwork and costumes, and came across this.   I couldn't help but notice the fantastic work you have done on your Aurora costume.   This is perhaps the nicest one I have seen yet.  Many I have seen come up short somewhere, but you are spot on.  Very beautiful :).   And in Sleeping Beauty I did prefer Aurora in BLUE rather than pink.

Now I am back to searching for my evil mistress, Maleficent.  
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Thank you so much!!  She is so much better in blue, I agree :love:
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You're Welcome.

Of course there are those that will have the never ending debate:

I like it BLUE
No, Make it PINK
No, Make it BLUE.

And so on and so forth through the end credits of Sleeping Beauty, that dress keeps changing color.  LOL!  
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I'm making a pink version but I'm stuck with the white part. What type of fabric did you use?
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Dress is made using satin, stretch satin, satin taffeta, and Peau de Soie.
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Hey, I am hoping to make a blue Aurora dress for my 21st in March, just wondering did you use a specific pattern for this? If you don't want to say I completely understand! This is the best Aurora cosplay dress I've seen.
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I used several different pattern to make up this dress, so it's hard to specifically point out one that would work well for you.  I'm actually going to be opening up commissions for Aurora gowns pretty soon - if you are interested, you can always contact me :)
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This is incredible!!! You've definitely captured my favorite childhood princess PERFECTLY!!!! :D Excellent, excellent job!
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Thank you for the love!
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This is a beautiful cosplay of Aurora :) I love the overall costume! You are a talented person. Quick question; was your skirt a circle skirt and how many gores did you make for the skirt? 
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There are 8 skirt panels with 8 godets.
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Thank you so much for the response :)
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what fabrics did you use?
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Satin taffeta, peau due soie, and stretch satin.
This is SO GORGEOUS! I've been wanting to make a blue Aurora dress but I can't find a pattern and I can't sew without one. You must be very highly skilled!
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Thank you so much!
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WONDERFUL! You did such a fantastic job on this! Aurora is my favorite princess and u were able to recreate the dress perfectly! Also i'm so glad u made it in blue... it's blue for almost the entire film and they always show her in pink!
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