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No-Stretch Boot Cover Tutorial

After several requests, here is my tutorial for Non-Stretch Fabric Boot Covers! This works for any kind of fabric and uses an invisible zipper closure at the back of the boot cover.

I've made quite a few boot covers, all of them different, but most employing this method. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Great tutorial, I'm using a vinyl fabric that kind of looks like leather, would a zipper work for that kind of fabric?
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Sure. You can also using velcro, buttons, snaps, lacing, or hooks & bars. It's up to you :)
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I wanted to make a different color bottom sole thing for the boot covers i am making, what kind of fabric would you suggest? I scrolled in the comments and saw heavy duty non skid fabric but i don't know what type that would be exactly
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
You can use anything, really. I recommend heavy twill or fabric used for the soles of pajama feet.
Thanks so much for this. You have metaphorically and probably literally saved my butt!
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OMG I am so happy to find this tutorial! I'm making a pair of boot covers for my Mettaton EX cosplay and I'm so happy to actually find this! Super useful too!
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I have a question about the bottom of the boot. I walk around the con a lot and I made a pair of shoe covers once but after just one day they were totally destroyed. How do you prevent this? 
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I use adhesive-backed sole patches (you can find them in the shoe lace/inner sole area of the shoe section at stores) or make a separate sole out of heavy duty non-skid fabric. You should also limit the amount of time you spend walking on pavement/streets/sidewalks and stick to just the con center if possible.
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what fabrics are best for this project??? 

I'm doing 3 cosplays for 3-4 conventions in april and im shopping around for my first cosplay,which is amy rose
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Since this is a non-stretch tutorial, I recommend non-stretch fabrics. Any type of fabric can work, to be honest.
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I was wondering. I have boots that sort of have a saggy fabric at the leg. How can I make the boots appear tall and smooth without letting the fabric from the original boot show as a bunch?
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
You can't ideally unless you can straighten the original boot leg. If you can, use a thick, sturdy fabric and make the boot cover pretty tight fitting. If you can't, try a different shoe.
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Thank you for this!
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This is a wonderful tutorial for boot covers! I like that it's for all fabrics, not like most tuts that use only stretchy fabric. I'm trying to make the boots for Katarina from League of Legends (link for picture:…) and I bought this non-stretchy thin faux wild leather fabric. Now I just need to find some used/old boots that have a similar sole to the ones she has on the model pictures.. so far no luck ..
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This is most helpful! Thank you! =^_^=
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If I want to keep the soles of the original shoes visible, is there a way of making the covers without gluing it down and ruining the shoes?
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These don't glue down. You can make a sole using clear vinyl, or make spats. Spats are essentially shoe toppers with open bottoms and an elastic band that goes under the shoe just before the heel.
AoiTorikago's avatar
Thank you so much. This is an awesome tutorial :D
Butterfinger-Sharpie's avatar
Thaaaank goodness. There's a pair of boots I want to make, but they don't look skin tight so I didn't really want to use the stretch tutorials I've been finding everywhere. This should work perfectly! :D
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