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Foam Board Weapon Tutorial

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As a Thank You to all my supporters, here is the Foam Board Weapon Tutorial!

I've had a lot of practice with this method, and this is the formula that works best for me, so I hope it can help you make your props with ease. I really enjoy working with my hands and making props using various methods, so please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any - I'll be glad to answer them!

Tutorial and all images therein are Copyright Fire Lily and
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I'm going to use this information for making Kremvh's Tooth from Fallout 4.

This info is very helpful :)
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Hello! ^^ I'm making a prop of Rose Quartz sword. I plan on making it with foam board and a wooden dowel, to support the base of the sword. Do you think that foam board and wood would bond perfectly with contact cement? ^^

Oh and nicely made sword prop and tutorial you provided. ^^
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I can't say "perfectly," but contact cement should work fine.
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This is a great tutorial! Thanks :D
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Can you please tell me the names of the primer & sealer u used
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About how durable are the foam board swords? I am planning to use the sword I will make in RP fights. I was also told craft foam works for weapon props if the base layer is industrial tinfoil and then the C foam on top. Opinions? I already made my sword's prototype out of cardboard and the shield that goes with.
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They aren't meant to be used for actual or play fighting. They are props.
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I plan on layering the foam board and making a Final Fantasy Crisis Core Buster Breaker. 
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Just curious, where did you get the styrofoam cutter? I've been using a utility knife, but it's not exactly the best for cutting intricate details into the foam board. I've tried searching online, but I get results for electric or hot knives for cutting foam and I'd rather not break my bank buying a tool for it :/

Thanks in advance!
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I got mine at Michael's Craft store, but I'm sure they're also at Hobby Lobby and elsewhere. Called the Styro Wonder Foam Cutter.
Apohermion's avatar
Awesome. Thank you again! I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
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to make a pretty big bow. how big do i need the foam board?
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I don't know - you'll need to figure out your measurements for the size of the bow and calculate how much foamboard you need :)
kuro-bunny's avatar
What was the thickness of the foamboard you used?
Kateorin's avatar
Where do you buy your foam board? :)
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
At the local craft store.
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Um, how much was this total?
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How much was what...the sword?  The foam board is about $2 a sheet - one sheet for 3 layers.  I already have a stock of Gesso, spackle, and sealant.  Paint is about $5 a can.  Cabochons were $6 for a dozen on EBay.

Time wise?  It took about a week total, working on it after I got home from a full time job and two solid days on the weekend.
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Thanks a lot! Sorry I didn't specify...
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Will I have any issues with pieces scraping against each other, or the blades being covered in blood? I'm trying to make a giant pair of scissors. <:3 Thanks
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You may lose some of the paint unless you seal it multiple times, but it shouldn't be too problematic.
12starlings's avatar
Alright thank you!
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Thanks! I think I might use this to make Karkat Vantas' Sickle~
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