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Fabric Gradient Dye Tutorial

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At last, the long awaited Gradient Dyeing Tutorial! I'm sorry it took so long to make, but here you go!

I've had a lot of practice with this method, and this is the formula that works best for me, so I hope it can help you dye your fabric with ease. Fabric dyeing is actually one of my favorite parts about costuming, so please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any - I'll be glad to answer them!

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Questions, what do you recommend for a costume that is mostly black with fade to red edges? Should I get red fabric and then gradient dye to black or get white and do both colors?
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
I would recommend red fabric and dye the black on.
HideawayArtist's avatar
Alright thanks so much! <3
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would it be possible to repeat a gradient along the same piece of fabric? there's a character i'm hoping to cosplay who has a scarf that keeps fading from a reddish-pink to green along its length.
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
Sure. I recommend doing both ends at the same time or marking the lengths where the gradients change.
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Hello, I was hoping to get your opinion on a project I have planned. I'm making a hoodie, the only problem is the hoodie is mostly black but the sleeves gradient to blue. Any idea if this could work if I bleached the sleeves first and then dyed it??? Or should I try something else??
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That last picture looks like princess tinas dress haha I wanna dye her dress so I can cosplay here haha
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Hi! Um, I was wondering, I'm planning to make a cape for my cosplay, and the inner part of it is black and fades to green, while the outer part is black.
Do you have any suggestions on how I should dye it?
Thanks in advance!
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Start with green fabric and dye it to black :)
HidamariNoAya's avatar
What kind of fabric did you use for your cosplays (name wise)? Do you know any fabric that's similar to gabardine fabric that's easy to use for dyeing?
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Which costume in particular? I've used quite a lot of fabric. I don't know of any natural fiber fabric close to gabardine suiting. You can try a cotton linen blend in a similar weave to gabardine, or maybe a rayon fabric, or try a polyester specific dye.
HidamariNoAya's avatar
I guess just fabric that's similar to gabardine but can be used to dye since gabardine is a 100% polyester and its not suitable for dyeing :(
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
You can try iDye Poly for polyester fabrics. Or try wool gabardine, but it's pricey and harder to dye since wool shrinks in hot temperatures.

It may be easier to just find a different fabric in the color you need.
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How would you replicate this dyeing technique? I have the exact dress but the bottom is white and I want to make the ombre similar to this…Lily Collins ombre dress
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
You should probably use dye in spay bottles to get that effect. You'll need to the the dress completely wet and lay it out flat, then spray the dye on and smooth it using a wet sponge.
PurpleWillowTrees's avatar
This could really come in useful if I decided to dip-dye the skirt part for Zelda! ^-^
Who-The-Hell-Am-I's avatar
I have to do a red to light green fade. The garment is a kimono and its only green at the bottom and the ends of the sleeves. Would you suggest bleaching my red fabric and then dying the bleached area green, or would you suggest something else?
FireLilyCosplay's avatar
I would start with white fabric and dye it both red and green. Red fabric won't bleach to a white base so dyeing it green may result in a brown color.
Who-The-Hell-Am-I's avatar
Do you have any suggestions on specific ways that I can get the desired fade?
BluecrownStudios's avatar
I was JUST wondering how to do this the other day.  Thank you for this great tutorial.  You rock!
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Would the same process work for bleaching?
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I would assume so, but it depends on what type of fabric you are bleaching (natural fiber vs synthetic).
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say that you were to take orange fabric and try to use this method with yellow dye.. would this work? or would i have to purchase white fabric and the two different colored dyes.?
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