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Donna Troy



Photographer: David Dunn
Costume made and modeled by :iconfirelilycosplay:

Donna Troy is the most amazing female super hero out there, essentially the equivalent of Jet Li in "The One." I couldn't pass up making a costume of hers, so I chose her 2005 Troia outfit.

The suit is made from a single piece of black stretch velvet. I glued all the rhinestones on by hand (around 2000) to get Troia's signature starry look. The earrings, armbands, and gauntlets are cardboard covered in chrome tape. I used silver spandex for the boot covers and belt, and craft foam for the belt buckle.

This costume is relatively simple, but I adore it and can't wait to make more costumes of Donna Troy!
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You've nailed the look!
Make more by all means and beam over to the Star Trek Universe sometime if you ever want a change of pace! :)