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Resident of Capricorn Reef

Name: Azurite
Nicknames: Azu
Age: 72 (Physically appears to be in his 30s)
Gender: Male
DoB: September 21
Height: 6'8"
Species: Hippodrake (Dragon Pony)
Status: In a relationship with Olive Branch
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relatives: Minty Floss (deceased mother), Leonbow (father- location unknown)
Special Talent: Hygienic care
Occupation: Dentist
Likes: nature, coffee, hiking, reading
Dislikes: Discrimination, snow, rudeness

Personality: May appear a bit intimidating on the outside, but is honestly gentle hearted, friendly, and always willing to help others. Playful and a tiny bit mischievious to those close to him, but knows to stop when he gets too far. Overly protective to those dearest to him.

Backstory: Azurite was born and raised by his mother Minty Floss (she's a dentist) in a small town close to Van Hoover. Being born a hybrid, Azurite faced much discrimination and prejudice in his town, many believing he would be a menace later on. Having to deal with all that on a almost daily basis at such a young age took its toll on Azurite. He had trouble sleeping, didn't eat properly, and fell into aepressed state. Worried for her son's health, Minty decided to take her son to the island of Capricorn Reef for a month of vacation, staying in the summer home that once belonged to her grandparents. She felt that a change in environment would do him good for his health.

Upon arriving on the island, Azurite was taken by surprise by the warm welcomes given by the many living there. During the next couple of weeks, Azurite slowly began to recover from his depression and began looking at life at a more positive viewpoint. Seeing her son extraordinary happy in the island, his mother ultimately came to a decision: they both will move to and live on Capricorn Reef.

It wasn't a easy process, but Azurite's mother was able to move her dental business to the main island, where her services was a must for many. Azurite,  wishing to follow in her mother's hoofsteps, decides he also wants to become a dentist and works/studies hard for the next couple of years to achieve his goal. Later on in his young adulthood, he graduates and becomes a certified dentist, working alongside with his mother in the dental clinic. At some point later on after his mother passes away, he renames the clinic after her to hold in memory.

Early one morning, Azurite was taking a walk through the park with his small dog. A rebellious one, his dog slips off from her collar and scurries off, making Azurite give chase.  His dog runs toward a group of trees where a group of warning signs are located around them. Despite seeing them, Azurite ignores the warning and continued giving chase after his dog.  Finally, she stops and starts barking at a tree. Azurite wonders what she's barking at when he suddenly hears a voice say "Watch out!" He looks up just to see a large tree branch fall on him, hitting him on the head, causing him to topple down. Fortunately, the branch hit his horns,  so it wasn't fatal, but still hurt. Still on the ground, he slowly comes to his senses and sees a pair of beautiful green eyes looking back at him...


Azurite is co-owned by myself and the amazingly wonderous :icontekkaman18:

The stupendous art is by the spectacular :icontemari-brynn:
Olive Branch
EDIT: Friendlist added and updated Status, Backstory, Occupation and Likes
EDIT 2: Link to Azurite's info

Name: Olive Branch
Nicknames: Oli, Olive, Olive Oil, Olive Tree
Age: 25
Gender: Cis-Female
DoB: Midnight, January 1st (One minute after 11:59 PM, December 31st for those who are confused)
Height: 6'0"
Body Type: Skinny and curvy with a medium sized rear
Breast Size: B
Species: Deer Pony
Status: Taken by Azurite
Sexuality: Straight (Bicurious)
Relatives: Berry Grove (Mother,) Pastel Pad (Father,) Montage (Gender Fluid Older Sibling)
Special Talent: Plant life
Occupation: Arborist, part time employee at The Orange Dragon
Likes: Nature, animals, horror, coffee, tea, reading, older sibling, Creepypasta, drawing, singing, music in general, SUSHI
Dislikes: Parents, jerks, being alone

Ning-Long (Sees as a father figure and is the only friend she makes before getting with Azurite)
Honeypot (Sees somewhat sisterly)
Scarlet Quill
Savory Zest
Caliente Azúcar-Miel
Flint Matchstick
Tinder Matchstick

Gwenevere Deepwater
Samba Volta

Personality: Around others she's just met, she's noticeably shy and timid. She doesn't talk much, thinking what she has to say isn't worthwhile. However, when she finally sees a friend in someone, she gets more cheery, talking more and sharing her ideas. She's slow when it comes to trusting others, but even if she doesn't she's willing to help if asked because she's a kind soul who wants the world to be a bright and happy place to live in. The problem with the slow trust is that she is very afraid of being alone. She feels like she isn't safe without someone else in her range of sight.

Backstory: Olive Branch at a young age started off very adventurous, always getting into mischief and stood up for anyone who was being bullied and harassed. Her parents weren't very fond of her reckless behavior, seeing it as imperfect and unnecessary. They let it slide for some time, but after awhile they started beating the proverbial whip. They were strict and punished her anytime she did something that wasn't perfect.

Skipping ahead to the teen years, Olive Branch became more introverted and reclusive. She still stood up for those who were bullied, but in a different manner. Rather then telling the bullies off like she did as a child, she made herself the bully victim, that way others wouldn't have to deal with the strife. At one point, she started thinking about relationships. She knew she liked boys, but was very curious about how it would be with a girl. As soon as her parents found out, they tried to beat the thoughts of same sex couples out of her head, leading to her older sibling reporting them to the authorities and taking her into their home, but the damage had been done, leaving Olive timid and shy around others, not being able trust others easily as well as fearing being alone like she was with her parents.

Entering adulthood, Olive Branch was far from ready. She had nightmares of her parents beating her and sometimes killing her, she lacked motivation to do what she wanted and needed and basically shut herself out from the world. Her older sibling started to get worried, but knew that if he took her to a doctor, she'd panic. So they both took a vacation to a place called Capricorn Reef. After spending the first couple days in the hotel room, Olive Branch decided to go out and look at a few sights. She started feeling comfortable enough to smile truthfully and would spend a lot of time in nature, especially in the areas with trees and plant life. By the time the vacation was over, Olive Branch felt just a little bit more comfortable in her own skin and began her pursuit of interest in flora.

After graduating college, Olive Branch decided to work in an association that had eventually asked for someone who would volunteer and be willing to move to Capricorn Reef to work there as an arborist. She was the first to volunteer, remembering the time she had spent on the island with her sibling as well as remembering the amazing plant life that had been on there. She quickly said her goodbye to the sibling before moving to the island and beginning her new life.

One early morning, Olive Branch was working on the trees that were in the park, cutting off various branches from trees to keep insects and rot from destroying them. She had set up a perimeter of warning signs around the trees, hoping that would keep anyone away. What she hadn't accounted for was a dog running past the signs with the owner right behind. The dog topeed and barked up at her, statling her, which caused her to cut a tree branch. The branch then started to fall and all she could do was yell "Watch out!" but it was too late. She watched in horror as the stallion got hit in the head with the branch. She quickly climbed down the tree and rushed to the pony, checking how badly he was hurt. Luckily it had hit his horns, meaning it reduced the damage,. When she noticed he was coming back to his senses, she stepped back quickly, nervous about how mad at her he would be. Then she saw his spectacular blue eyes meet hers and her fear melted away...


For those who don't know what an arborist is, here you go:

Arborist: Responsible for caring and managing trees in a given area by overseeing all planting, pruning and tree removal duties, arborists may work for city or municipal governments or private businesses specializing in tree care, cultivation and removal


This is an amazing gift from :icontekkaman18:
Damn you for being too nice XD

Art is by the amazing :icontemari-brynn:
Thanks again for this amazing piece of art! She's absolutely perfect! 
Something I adopted from JackieTheKitten over on FurAffinity. I honestly love her so much. She's a mix between a fox, dragon and tiger!! 
Firelight Anthro Ref
Edit: Updated backstory
An awesome friend of mine, Firefall-MLP offered to create a reference for me, and this is the result! I absolutely LOVE it! I couldn't stop smiling for 30 minutes!


Name: Firelight 
Nicknames: Fire, FL, Fire Breath, Lighthead, Freak, Weirdo, Traitor (by Ocean Abyss,) You 
Age: 19 
Gender: Female 
DoB: July 5th 
Height: 5 ft 8 in 
Species: Pegasus 
Status: Single 
Sexuality: Asexual panromantic 
Relatives: None 
Special Talent: The ability to control fire and light 
Occupation: Florist 
Likes: Night time, water, reading, music, dancing, Princess Luna (cause night time, the moon, I think you get it,) chai tea 
Dislikes: Fire, the creators, Ocean Abyss, coffee (too bitter,) Everfree Forest 

Personality: Kind, bubbly, gentle exterior with a depressed and hurt interior. Loves to help others when she can so they don't feel the pain she feels, but gets severely depressed when she messes up and hurts the pony she's trying to help 

Backstory: Firelight was created by scientists trying to see how far they can go with their resources. One day, one of the scientists knocked a magical compound they didn't mean to into the mix, giving her the ability to control fire and light without being a unicorn. Once they found out, they scrapped her and left her alone in the Everfree Forest. She escaped the forest with the help of a fox-pony named Hotaru, but with serious injuries. She was found by Ocean Abyss, a second creation and they started a small life together as friends.

Eventually, Firelight was tired of Ponyville and caught word of Capricorn Reef and how it's got a lot of hybrid inhabitants. She got interested after the experience with the fox-pony hybrid. She told Ocean Abyss about it and an argument started, leaving Firelight depressed and in a desperate need to leave Ponyville so she packed up and moved to Capricorn Reef. During her journey to get to Capricorn Reef, she had a pony that was protecting her as a favor for another, shocking her to learn someone was watching out for her safety. When she got there, she needed a little time to relax after losing Ocean Abyss, so she walked down the beach and tripped over a red pony who's name was later revealed to be Firefall.

About a month after settiling into her new life, Firelight went out in search of a job so she could pay rent and have bits for what she needed. After a day of searching and sending in the required documents, she was finally hired by a unicorn at a florist shop named Blissful Bloom.


Art by :iconfirefall-mlp:

Firelight belongs to me
Apparently on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts , but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake. (Side note, I am not sure if this is a rumor or not but better to be safe than sorry.) 

*copy and paste*


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