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Olive Branch Anthro Ref by Firelight320
Mature content
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Lahore Anthro Ref by Firelight320
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Lahore Anthro Ref :iconfirelight320:Firelight320 12 2
Azurite by Firelight320
Mature content
Azurite :iconfirelight320:Firelight320 8 1
Olive Branch by Firelight320
Mature content
Olive Branch :iconfirelight320:Firelight320 20 4
Aurora by Firelight320
Mature content
Aurora :iconfirelight320:Firelight320 3 0
Firelight Anthro Ref by Firelight320
Mature content
Firelight Anthro Ref :iconfirelight320:Firelight320 13 2

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Soooo after a long time i have finally decided to open commissions XD
These will stay open for a few weeks tho!
Current status: Closed
NOTE: The addon for the background is for a complicated scenery!
Simple backgrounds are free, i will automatically add them on the piece.
NOTE 2: i will not always upload the commission. But i will always send the finished product via to you.
Sometimes i will upload it on one big sheet together with other commissions after a while.
Chibi: 400 Points ( No paypal option for chibi ) 
+ 50 Points/0.5 Eur for shading

: 500 Points/ 5 Eur
+ 100/1Eur for shading
+ 100 Points/1 Eur for bg

: 900 Points/ 9 Eur
+ 100 Points/ 1 Eur For shading
+ 200 Points/ 2 Eur for background
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Commissions [OPEN]
NOTE: Design commissions can be found here! There are outfit, redesign and custom character commissions in there.
Prices in American Dollars, also taking Points, Bitcoins and Brazilian Reais (para reais, só depósito ou transferência bancária). For these last two, please check the exchange rate.
By buying something from me you're accepting my commission guidelines!
About the Payment:
Payment first, art later. Refunds only if I haven't even sent you the WIP for your approval or if I become somehow unable to finish your piece - in this case, you'll be fully refunded no matter which step I'm in.For point payments, I'll be using the usual 1USD=100:points:.Prices per character, full body, half body, whatever.Custom outfits will receive a charge! Ask me for prices.I have t
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Olive Branch Anthro Ref
Name: Olive Branch
Nicknames: Oli, Olive, Olive Oil, Olive Tree
Age: 25
Gender: Cis-Female
DoB: Midnight, January 1st (One minute after 11:59 PM, December 31st for those who are confused)
Height: 6'0"
Body Type: Skinny and curvy with a medium sized rear
Breast Size: B
Species: Deer Pony
Status: Engaged to Azurite
Sexuality: Straight (Bicurious)
Relatives: Berry Grove (Mother,) Pastel Pad (Father,) Montage (Gender Fluid Older Sibling)
Special Talent: Plant life
Occupation: Arborist, part time employee at The Orange Dragon
Likes: Nature, animals, horror, coffee, tea, reading, older sibling, Creepypasta, drawing, singing, music in general, SUSHI
Dislikes: Parents, jerks, being alone

Sushi making

Ning-Long (Sees as a father figure and is the only friend she makes before getting with Azurite)
Honeypot (Sees somewhat sisterly)
Scarlet Quill
Savory Zest
Caliente Azúcar-Miel
Flint Matchstick
Tinder Matchstick

Gwenevere Deepwater
Samba Volta
Ecchi Hearts
Trots N Socks
Caffeinated Comatose

Personality: Around others she's just met, she's noticeably shy and timid. She doesn't talk much, thinking what she has to say isn't worthwhile. However, when she finally sees a friend in someone, she gets more cheery, talking more and sharing her ideas. She's slow when it comes to trusting others, but even if she doesn't she's willing to help if asked because she's a kind soul who wants the world to be a bright and happy place to live in. The problem with the slow trust is that she is very afraid of being alone. She feels like she isn't safe without someone else in her range of sight.

Backstory: Olive Branch at a young age started off very adventurous, always getting into mischief and stood up for anyone who was being bullied and harassed. Her parents weren't very fond of her reckless behavior, seeing it as imperfect and unnecessary. They let it slide for some time, but after awhile they started beating the proverbial whip. They were strict and punished her anytime she did something that wasn't perfect.

Skipping ahead to the teen years, Olive Branch became more introverted and reclusive. She still stood up for those who were bullied, but in a different manner. Rather then telling the bullies off like she did as a child, she made herself the bully victim, that way others wouldn't have to deal with the strife. At one point, she started thinking about relationships. She knew she liked boys, but was very curious about how it would be with a girl. As soon as her parents found out, they tried to beat the thoughts of same sex couples out of her head, leading to her older sibling reporting them to the authorities and taking her into their home, but the damage had been done, leaving Olive timid and shy around others, not being able trust others easily as well as fearing being alone like she was with her parents.

Entering adulthood, Olive Branch was far from ready. She had nightmares of her parents beating her and sometimes killing her, she lacked motivation to do what she wanted and needed and basically shut herself out from the world. Her older sibling started to get worried, but knew that if he took her to a doctor, she'd panic. So they both took a vacation to a place called Capricorn Reef. After spending the first couple days in the hotel room, Olive Branch decided to go out and look at a few sights. She started feeling comfortable enough to smile truthfully and would spend a lot of time in nature, especially in the areas with trees and plant life. By the time the vacation was over, Olive Branch felt just a little bit more comfortable in her own skin and began her pursuit of interest in flora.

After graduating college, Olive Branch decided to work in an association that had eventually asked for someone who would volunteer and be willing to move to Capricorn Reef to work there as an arborist. She was the first to volunteer, remembering the time she had spent on the island with her sibling as well as remembering the amazing plant life that had been on there. She quickly said her goodbye to the sibling before moving to the island and beginning her new life.

One early morning, Olive Branch was working on the trees that were in the park, cutting off various branches from trees to keep insects and rot from destroying them. She had set up a perimeter of warning signs around the trees, hoping that would keep anyone away. What she hadn't accounted for was a dog running past the signs with the owner right behind. The dog topeed and barked up at her, statling her, which caused her to cut a tree branch. The branch then started to fall and all she could do was yell "Watch out!" but it was too late. She watched in horror as the stallion got hit in the head with the branch. She quickly climbed down the tree and rushed to the pony, checking how badly he was hurt. Luckily it had hit his horns, meaning it reduced the damage,. When she noticed he was coming back to his senses, she stepped back quickly, nervous about how mad at her he would be. Then she saw his spectacular blue eyes meet hers and her fear melted away...


For those who don't know what an arborist is, here you go:

Arborist: Responsible for caring and managing trees in a given area by overseeing all planting, pruning and tree removal duties, arborists may work for city or municipal governments or private businesses specializing in tree care, cultivation and removal


An overly nice gift from :icontekkaman18:. Thank chu so much for this ;-;

Art is done by the fantabulous :iconblackblood-queen:
Free with Angel Adopt
Design made by Kuroducky on Fur Affinity

This is only free if this is bought: $6 Angel Adopt Open
Apparently on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts , but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake. (Side note, I am not sure if this is a rumor or not but better to be safe than sorry.) 

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