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Stationed at Baobhan castle in Britain, the Oblivion organisation is a secret military group of humans and undead working together to make their team grow by recruiting new (preferably undead) members. Their main fighting force is an army of freaks (artificial undead beasts). Granting power and immortality by turning their allies and co-conspirators into freaks, the Oblivion organisation has built a strong connection with the British mafia groups and has become a strong force in the British underground. Their goals so far are to keep a low profile and make their organisation grow steadily as well as hunt down (or recruit, depending on the target’s decision) renegade vampires that kill people for no reason, while at the same time avoiding being discovered by the Hellsing, Iscariot or Millennium organisations. Their future goals however, remain unknown.


Status: Leader
Info: Because of the death of her friends, Helena holds a grudge against the Hellsing family, but ironically has a great deal of respect towards Alucard and his fledgling, Seras Victoria. Old and wise, she commands the ranks of the Oblivion organisation, her caring and inteligent nature earning her respect in the eyes of her allies and soldiers.
Weapons: modified (as in enhanced) Walther PPK, various types of knives, metal gloves with pointy fingertips
Powers and abilities:
-Immortality (like any other vampire)
-Superhuman physical attributes-strength, speed, senses and healing (like any other vampire)
-Vast knowledge of both scientific and the supernatural
-Creating vampires and ghouls (like any other vampire)

Peter Fargason
Status: General, Advisor to Helena, Second in command along with Incognito
Info: One of the few human members of the Oblivion organisation, Fargason is a military veteran that participated in the Gulf war. Former member of the Hellsing organisation (he was later retired), he didn’t like the idea of leaving the military life, so he joined Oblivion. Being a patriot, he was not keen on the idea of having to work with the British underground and mafia bosses, but seeing as how turning them into freaks would enable them to be controled by the Oblivion organisation, he later accepted the decission.
Weapons: 2 Desert Eagle 50 cal handguns
Powers and abilites:
-Military combat training
-Knowledge of firearms and how to deal with the undead
-Expert in military strategies and leadership

Status: Top assassin, Helena’s bodyguard, Second in command along with Fargason
Info: Hailing from the Dark continent and wielding black magic, Incognito is not someone to be taken lately. He is Oblivion’s secret weapon and the single most powerful member. Possessing vast knowlegde of the freak chips (gained from his previous, unknown human masters after he turned on them and killed them) he is the one in charge of the freak producing process. Unlike with his previous masters, Incognito has grown to somewhat like his comrades at Oblivion, but he still remains the insane, sadistic and bloodthristy monster he’s always been, making him sometimes very hard to control.
Primary: Armscor 40mm MGL
Secondary: Minigun, M2 Browning machine gun, an axe
Powers and abilites:
-Superhuman physical attributes
-Summoning Sett
-Vast knowlegde of black magic and dark rituals
-Energy attacks and magical runes
-Very strong ressistance to the weaknesses of normal vampires
-Green slime (replacement bullets)
-Masochism (not really an ability, but stil enables him to handle pain easier than his opponents)
-Creating vampires, ghouls and (using freak chips) freaks

Laura the Baobhan Sith
Status: Lieutenant, Interrogator (“Dungeon Mistress” ) , Third in command
Info: Just like Helena, Laura has also lost all her friends to the Hellsing family and holds a grudge against them, but, unlike Helena, she has no respect for Alucard or Seras. Cunning, cruel and sadistic-it’s these qualities that earned her the position of Lieutenant as well as the interrogator of Oblivion. Using her hypnotic abilities to gain information from weak-minded prisoners and “other” methods to break the strong-minded ones truly earned her the infamous title “Dungeon Mistress”.
Weapons: M107 sniper rifle, pair of strap on steel claws
Powers and abilites:
-Superhuman physical attributes
-Mind control
-Creating vampires and ghouls

Paul Wilson
Status: Sergeant, Fourth in command along with Kim
Info: Former S.A.S. member, Paul joined the military to become a strong soldier. After his team was sent to investigate the Baobhan castle and got captured by Incognito, Paul was given a choice on whether to remain human or become stronger. He chose power over his humanity, and was turned into what can be reffered to as “advanced freak”. Now he serves the Oblivion organisation, leading and fighting alongside his fellow freaks and former human comrades.
Weapons: 2 AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles
Powers and abilites:
-Superhuman physical attributes
-Military combat training
-Transformation into a beast freak
-Creating ghouls

Status: Spy, Fourth in command along with Paul
Info: A news reporter who seemingly dissapeared after getting too close to exposing the existence of vampires. She was captured by Incognito, but was not turned into a vampire. Now, she is also one of the few human members of the organisation and using her connections with the media, she gathers information for Oblivion.
Weapons: M1911 pistol with a suppressor
Powers and abilites:
-basic martial arts and stealth
-knowledge of computer science


I REALLY wonder if anyone will read the entire description. :XD:
And so ends the “Great idea” project. Here’s the Oblivion organisation in all of it’s obliviousnessnessness. XD

As you can see from the description (if you read it XD) this is a VERY complicated project. I’m not a big expert in firearms which is why I’m hoping the critiques for the weapon choices won’t be too hard. ^^;

The way I made the organisation work is similar to the way Millennium works. Millennium always managed to get what they wanted because they "paid" people wth vampirism. Oblivion does a similar thing. They’ll need help in order to grow and what better way to get it than from the world of organised crime in the British underground. Bribing their allies by turning them into advanced freaks (like Paul is) they guarantee their loyalty.

Human- Fargason and Kim are the only two human members in the Oblivion organisation, and as such, life isn’t very easy for them. I’m having difficulty figuring out what the ultimate goal of the organisation is. When I did the comic mostly everyone assumed they would become the new villains, but if you take a look at it Fargason isn’t evil and he cares about the Hellsing organisation. So, he would definitely not allow anything to happen to them. Kim was never a fighter in the anime so having her as a spy will likely attract some complains. :XD:

As for the picture...I definitely could’ve done better with the shading and lighting. ^^;

Phew! :phew:

So much for the description. Comments and critques are welcome. ;)

Enjoy! ;)

P.S. The red stuff in Helena’s glass is blood, not wine. :XD:

Great idea comic: [link]

Oblivion comic: [link]

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I want to know where this goes. And yes I read the entire description.