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You knew it was coming. I did the "over 9000" meme a while ago, it was only a matter of time before I did some more of them. The Leeroy Jenkins one and the Kanye West one. This is the first time I've ever drawn a real life celebrity in the bloopers. Whether it will be the last time, I don't know. We'll see. :nod:

Millennium has Integra cornered. Yumie and Heinkel are discussing whether or not to help, while Anderson, in true Leeroy Jenkins style charges right in. Though unlike with Leeroy, the outcome will be different. :XD:

Just when the Major is about to make his "We have no purpose" line, Kanye West (who else) interrupts him, and declares Alucard the best warmonger of all time. :D Originally I was going to have West say something about the speeches, but I couldn't remember a character that gets so into their speeches as much as the Major so I just went for the warmonger part, since both Alucard and the Major are considered warmongers, but the Major himself admitted that Alucard has seen way more battlefields than he did. :D

For those of you who aren't familiar with these memes..... do you live in a cave or something? Hehe, just kidding. Here:

Leeroy Jenkins: [link]

Kanye West: [link]

Enjoy! ;)

P.S. Please don't suggest to me what other memes I should do. I really don't like it when people post me suggesstions for new bloopers. Thank you. :nod:


I see that there are some people who really aren't familiar with the Kanye West meme. It seems I overestimated it's popularity. Considering the event that spawned it took place over a year ago, and it was broadcasted on TV, as well as the internet (not to mention many times on Youtube) I expected people to know about it. Anyway, I'll explain it.

Kanye West is a famous american rapper. During last year's MTV video music awards, Beyonce (an american pop singer) and Taylor Swift (an american country pop singer) were both competing for the prize of Best Female Video. Taylor Swift won. However, while she was giving her acceptance speech, Kanye West went on stage, grabbed the microphone from her hand and said *watch the video in the link above to hear what he said* basically implying that Beyonce should have won. This was a scandal, and many people critisized West for doing this, even president Obama, which is why I assumed many people knew about it. This spawned an internet meme, where a person, who is about to say something important or cool, gets interrupted by West in a similar fashion. There, now you all know what the meme is about. :nod:

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Aw man, just imagine if fanart had been drawn today...


Major: Are you a real Nazi?

Captain: ???

Zorin: Vell, technically uh...nah!

Major: Have you ever wrecked any Jewish store fronts, like a...like a real kosher deli?

Captain: (Shakes head)

Major: Have you ever told any Big Lies?

Rip Van Winkle: Nah, nah!

Major: ALL RIGHT! I can see that I have I vill have to teach you how to be NAZIS! (cue epic saxophone solo).


(Maxwell rings the doorbell to Anderson's priest quarters in Rome)

Maxwell: Well Father Anderson, I made it...despite your directions. >:/

Anderson: Ah, Archbishop Maxwell, welcome! I hope yer prepard for an unforgettable luncheon!

Maxwell: Meh.

(Maxwell Walks in and sets down a bottle of wine, making himself comfortable. Anderson, in the meantime, heads into the kitchen...to find smoke wafting out of the oven. Anderson gasps, then runs to the oven just in time to see the roast inside catch fire)


(Anderson looks out the window and sees a McDonalds across the street)

Anderson:...But what if...I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as me' own cookin'?...Hohohoho! Delightfully Devilish, Alex! >:3
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Wolvesbaynedust|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you know about the joke about Kanye West in South Park?
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I heard about it XD
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Go away Kanye West no one likes or cares about you anymore and *I look at Alucard and drop the leash I held that held him* oops
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Heheheh hahahaha
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Kanye West get of here!! Nobody likes you!!
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Edit: I meant Leroy not Anderson.
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"At least I have chicken." XD
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Is Kanye West still ALIVE?
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This is so fucking funny :D
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Strickplayer|Hobbyist Writer
did you do another one of these and if not can you?
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No, I only did one so far. XD
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Strickplayer|Hobbyist Writer
I would love to see another one!:D (Big Grin) 
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JennymwwolfEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
I now eternally love you for that WoW meme <3

(i love all your bloopers btw ^-^ <3)
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Glad to hear it. Thank you. :D
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AngelofDarkness626|Hobbyist General Artist
I think we're in another war. Everybody keeps taking arrows to the knee!
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Yes, I've heard of that one too. :D
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AngelofDarkness626|Hobbyist General Artist
Good. That should be Walter saying that.
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i think yumie or heinkel should have said, "he's stupid as hell" to complete the meme.
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