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Hellsing bloopers 1-The phone


Recently I got several ideas for humourous Hellsing situations. Since I couldn't fit them all into a single pic, I decided to start a second multi-pic project (my first one being "Famous vampires"). This project will be called "Hellsing bloopers" and it will consist of funny cartoonishly (if that's even a word) drawn Hellsing situations and crossovers.

This is the first comic. Nothing unusual: Integra doing paperwork while Alucard keeps her company, polishes the Cassull, and helps her answer the phone. But, eventually Alucard's thoughts wonder off and instead of the phone he accidently puts the gun to Integra's head (and fires). Luckily, Integra has quick reflexes. :D

I know that the Hellsing organization has a much more modern type of phone, but I just felt like drawing an ordinary telephone. XD

Enjoy! ;)

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Integra: ( takes phone and smacks Alucard with it)
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ajajajajajajajajajajajaaaaa I can´t stop laugh Wink/Razz =P (Razz) XD Icon XD Icon  
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The turtle technique! XD
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LMFAO!! This is just great!!
that was hilarious !!!!
I'm still laughing my head off............
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she would've been way more mad than that lol
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Hey, a buddy of mine was wondering if she could do a comic dub of your amazing Hellsing comics? she''ll make sure to give you credit.
I think it would be pretty cool and your comics will get alot of attention and maybe the Hellsing fandom will come back. Thanks

Her youtube name is ThatAlucardFangirl.
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As long as she gives me credit for the comic it's okay. :nod:
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Okay, I'll make sure she does! She told me to say thanks! :D
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Okay. You're both welcome. And thank you as well. XD
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the face of Alucard in the 8 scene XD
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Alucard:...I know I was not smoking some shrooms but You Grew an extra head master 0_0

Integra: You Idot I lower my head down -_-

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Actually, it would be worse if any drug was involved.
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Me: *facepalms*
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Good reaction. XD
G4M3RTHYST's avatar
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Wait, so that means Integra is a ninja turtle? :XD:
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