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Hey peeps!

So after months of being distracted by other things, I FINALLY did the Church Route in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. So out of all the routes, I enjoyed this the least, I'm not saying it was awful by any means, in fact I don't believe any route is bad. My biggest complaints about this route is one, how much is copies from Verdant Wind post time-skip, and two, Rhea not being around for the majority of the post time-skip despite the fact it would have made so much sense for her to be (honestly I think it was a big missed opportunity). I did however like the surprise of the last battle being an out of control Immaculate One and her frenzied soldiers (would have been better with a bit more build-up imo). I also managed to recruit every available unit this time around and got the married (I guess) with Sothis (purely out of curiosity as I hadn't done it in any other route)

So for this art I wanted to highlight one thing, the fact that Byleth is alone, burdened with expectation and responsibility with Rhea and the Immaculate One lurking behind her. In the Church Route she had no-one to really turn to, Edelgard and Dimitri both get killed, Claude runs away and all she's left with are people that expect her to become the ruler of Fodlan....

Other routes

Crimson Flower-…

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Verdant Wind-…

Hope you like this!

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