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Fire Emblem Awakening Meme

So I thought I'd do a meme about fire emblem awakening I got tired while doing it so not everything is great (not sure if it's on the right category though *shrugs*
1) meet Becky the cheery tactician!
2) Yeah I am so original by marrying Chrom
3) Henry is so adorable I love him!
4) Henry and Nowi the two big kids (apologies for the failure drawing!)
5) I fricking hate Sumia, she is so whiny and useless, she is everything I hate in characters! Just arrrgh!!!
6) Stahl and Cherce annoying Gerome who happens to be one of my favourites out of the children
7) This is the first fire emblem I played so I just drew a funny support conversation that happens between Lucina and Morgan
8) Lon'qu was pretty much my strongest throughout the whole game, a little after I married him to Lissa a Risen Mage struck her and he got really pissed off and struck it about 5 times in a row, note to Risen don't hurt Lissa
I had a lot of fun doing this, sorry for the pictures not being that good but I didn't have much reference.
Original meme can be found here [link]
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Sumia isn't that much a bad character (well, to me, lol). She's just not confident enough and she has to rely on luck from her flower petals lol.

I love Henry too! He's so awesome, though I think his S support with Nowi is pretty creepy, haha (I mean, "Oh, you want to have manakete friends? Let's make manakete babies together!").

Stahl and Cherche do go well together, each learning about the culture of each of their own place. XD
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Yeah I don't hate Sumia as much now as I did before (mostly because of that Severa I think her name is? She's Cordelia's daughter anyway)
I just laughed at that Henry's S support with Nowi (don't ask me why) XD
To be honest I was just messing around when I put Stahl and Chece together then after a bit I was like, these two fit well together and the rest is history (gotta love the supports they have with Gerome).
Thank you so much for the comment, it means a lot!!! <3 :D :hug: