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Sundara OC Ref-sheet by Firehart95 Sundara OC Ref-sheet by Firehart95
A new OC of mine that I adopted off MatrixPotato . Here is a little back story on Sundara;

Sundara is a twin son with Zambarau. His father is Sura's father and his mother is Malkoi's Mother.


Sura's Mother and Malkoi's Mother were kindered spirits; the two were closer to each other than they were with each others mate. Even after the civil war in their pride broke out these two would rendevous; the atmosphere of their frienship drowning out the warring world outside their circle. No bond was stronger than the bond between these spirit sister's.

After Sura Mother died (bringing the two prides together) after giving birth to Kongwe, both her mate and Malkoi's Mother almost drowned in the despair. It wasn't until Sura's Father spent time around his mate's old friend that he remembered the happiness from when his mate was alive. The two became mate's to each other and gave birth to Sundara and Vestarau.

Sundara is a cool charmer. He is a little jealous of Sura being heir to the throne of the "East-West Union" but not to the point of murder. He is the type to cause trouble with subtle whispers, sit back, and watch the fireworks. He'll also use this talent of his to get the ladies swooning; which get's him in big trouble when he enters Sura's pride.


Sundara (c) Firehart95
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September 21, 2014
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