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Vinyl Scratch!

For :iconsteen182: - I haven't made Vinyl in a while, so it was fun to do her again! I love the expression that was chosen - I've never done a winking pony before (well, a mini, but not a big pony) and I'm really happy with the way it looks. Her glasses are magnetic.
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Howwww do you get the eyes?  I'm jealous of your talent but also very curious about how things work. In looking, I see it's probably small patches of color and a very good sewing machine to do the edges of each color.  : )
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There's quite a bit of info on the applique method I use in my FAQ, to which there are links on my front page :)
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aaaaaaaaaah , my eyes........that is soooooooooo lovely and perfect!I love it very much!!! (message from China)
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Thank you, I'm glad you like her!
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how much for a commision?
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There are links to my general price list on my front page, if you're interested.
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OMG I need her! *attempts to insert credit card into screen*
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That wink is pretty cool!
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That is amazing this is one of my favorite ponies and you did an awesome job!!!! :D I would buy this from u xD 
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She is sooo neatly done!
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Cool!!! Love her winking!'m
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Oops lol dont notice that M
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She looks absolutely fantastic! Great job!
Cute, I love the wink.
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Love this ^^ you got the hair spot on! And the expression is awesome XD 
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