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Velvet Remedy

A commission for :iconrobertsonsometimes: for a Fallout Equestria character, Velvet Remedy. She has a small scar on her right forehoof that is obscured by her Pipbuck when she is wearing it. I painted a tiny display on her Pipbuck because it looked weird plain.

Velvet is made of Ash, Snow, Red and Mango minky with applique details.
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Very impressing and lovely! Like always.
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
Thanks :D She was fun to work on!
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Wow shes extra cute ^^
NGPegasus's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! There needs to be more plushies of Velvet and Homage.
Kyoshyu's avatar
Aaaw, so cute! With that wink and sitting pose, she's so precious. :meow:
CapnAethy's avatar
(For those wondering, she arrived safely in Scotland!)
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
Hooray! That was moderately fast! :D
CapnAethy's avatar
Expect me to be trying for one of your commission slots again! She really is 110x more adorable in the fur.
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
They are always better in person :D
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wow, she is absolutly stunning!!!!
Velvet Remedyy is a great character design, my favorite along the FO:E universe
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Message from Kkat:

:squee: I second that!  :squee:

She absolutely adorable!

:iconrarityclapplz: :icontwilightclapplz: :iconfluttershyclapplz:
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omg I love how she's winking!
Baggus's avatar
Hasbro, are you watching?  GET ON THIS.
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
They won't. It's expensive and difficult to make nice plushies.
Baggus's avatar
IKR?  I wish I had the skills to make one myself.  Maybe someday (when gf isn't looking) :P
how... how do I get it... why don't I have it already!!!
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