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Sombra was a special commission for my friend OkapiFeathers. I hope you are happy with my rendition of your edgy black and red husbando :D He is made with a unique pattern (with a new and improved butt, among other things) and stands 16" to the top of his head. He is made of Ash, Black and Scarlet minky with an airbrushed gradient on his horn and applique eyes. His outfit is fully removable - his greaves, breastplate, crown and spooky purple eye streamies are made of satin, and his cape is satin-lined velvet and faux fur. His eye streamies are magnetic, which was sort of fun to figure out. I was told to go for a somewhat more 'sombre' Sombra (ha ha ha), and I made his mane a bit more wild and fun by choice - I really like the effect produced by building it from several layers. 

Oh, and I'm fully aware that in canon art of Sombra his ears are either hidden or missing - it was a conscious decision to include them on this plush.
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I'm hoping the velvet isn't real deer velvet?
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Oh heck no - it's synthetic :)
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Well, that's a relief! :D
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Oh dear, the king is naked. >_>
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The choice to include his ears was a great one!

(And they're hidden, sloppy-ish canon designs, since missing ears doesn't really make sense) 
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Haha, yeah - sometimes the characters' designs get so busy that I can't really blame them for leaving bits out, though :P
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aww bad man!  Too cute XD
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this is by FAR the best sombra i have ever seen. i love him so much, honestly he came out way better than i could have ever hoped and i already knew you would do him justice! everything about him is perfect, my little edgelord just looks so amazing. i can't wait to get my hands on him and i'll definitely bring him to everfree with me for some photo ops.

i just CANNOT get over how perfect he is, i don't think anyone could have done this but you! thank you so much.
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I'm so glad you think so! I was super happy to get a chance to make such a unique character from the canon :3
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WELP I know who I'm gonna commission for Sombra in the future haha.
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Haha :D I'd be happy to!
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Sombra's been one of my favorites since he was on the show, and you really did him justice. He looks great!
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Wow, he looks really cool! :eyepopping:
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Looks really nice 

And he is just like: i need more stairs...
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Thanks! I don't understand the comment about the stairs, though... ^^;
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Oh thats just a fandom thing. That he totally obsesses with stairs. Its kinda a fandom inside joke. Nothing canon
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He even made a whole pocket dimension dedicated to them. (Remember that white void just before the Crystal Heart's room?)

Serious stair-love is serious.
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