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Rearing Rainbow

Not to be confused with "Reading Rainbow", although I am given to understand that Rainbow enjoys reading. This Rainbow Dash was made for MrHugoDrax. I'm so happy I got to make Rainbow in this pattern - it just seems right for her. She is made of Baby Blue, Red, Orange, Sunshine, Jade, Azure and Purple minky, and has applique details. Her feet and tail are weighted to achieve a balance.
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I  feel like photos just don't do this justice - what a beautiful pattern! :D
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
Haha, thank you! I always feel like the photos don't do plushes justice - especially my crappy, poorly lit photos!
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very pretty rainbow nn
AplReach's avatar
Yay! Huggy pose Love 
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
Aw, I hadn't thought of it like that! Makes her even cuter :D
AplReach's avatar
You've done it before ;)
With that Twilie. You know, the one that is, as you claimed, ready for take off.
MrHugoDrax's avatar
"majestically adorable" yes, mission accomplished, I look at this and can't help but think 'pick me up and hug me'.
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
Wonderful, I'm so glad you like her! :D
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Pass the insulin...
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...eeee this is awesome. :D

I wish I could fav this twice.
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
VIIStar's avatar
How she stands is magic!  o0o
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
Way less magic than your floating creations :P
VIIStar's avatar
My magic is steel and brass!  You can hug yours ;D
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Whoa, awesome!
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That's adorbs, Firefly. <3 ^u^
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
Thank you! I was aiming for "majestically adorable" :D
Masao114's avatar
YW. Have always loved your work. ^^
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