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Rainbow Dash

The fifth of six commissions for :iconfriedchiken777:, who was bold enough to ask me to make all the mane 6 for him at once. Since I don't actually make the mane 6 all that often (most of them, at least), I accepted - I thought it would be fun to have them all done in the same style, for once! I'm making all their Elements of Harmony, too - when I'm done all 6 I'll post a group shot of them with their Elements.

Rainbow Dash! Nothing much new here, I just reshaped her forelock a little...and I think I may have gone a liiiittle overboard with the poofyness of her tail. I used Lemon rather than Yellow for her, and also used a different green (not a Shannon color - one I found locally)

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Hi.  I don't see dimensions on any of your posts.  Approximately what is the size of this particular plush?  Or any of your plush' for that matter.  : )
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There are dimensions listed for all of my standard patterns in my general price list, to which there are links on the front page. :)
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I want it.... I need it....
I really like her mane! ^w^
Good job with her!
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Holy shit. That can only be described in three words. "Really REALLY cool!"
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You're the most amazing plusher maker ever! So excited for when I finally save up for a plushie, your work is flawless! 
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She's absolutely beautiful! Nailed it, 10/10!
I'm so excited she's done and looks Awesome! :happybounce:  

Also, this D'aww Misty "Omigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh!!"
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I like the colors you used for the yellow and green instead of the usual colors, they seem to be a lot calmer and not to "clash" as much with the rest of her mane and tail colors. I also like the way you did her tail, I don't think it's too poofy at all; I like it when the ponies have bigger tails rather than flat ones.
~ Great job :)
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Thanks! I'm always looking for better choices for the green and yellow - I'm really happy with this combination :D
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Awesome :) yeah they seem to work well together!
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I Want this Fucking Awsome Dashie Plush 
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what is the Price of this Plush?
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Check my price list - there are links to it on my front page :)
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What color blue you use?
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Light Turquoise. I know it's a bit bright for her, but I'd rather that than an excessively pale color like Baby Blue.
WollyShop's avatar cute!!!! :3
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