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Pinkie Pie

The fourth of six commissions for :iconfriedchiken777:, who was bold enough to ask me to make all the mane 6 for him at once. Since I don't actually make the mane 6 all that often (most of them, at least), I accepted - I thought it would be fun to have them all done in the same style, for once! I'm making all their Elements of Harmony, too - when I'm done all 6 I'll post a group shot of them with their Elements.

Pinkie Pie! Again, I tried some new things with her hair, but nothing revolutionary here. Pretty happy with her! :D

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how much for a pinkie pie?
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
There are links to my general pricing info, including for the mane 6, on my front page :)
Party-of-Pie's avatar
how do you cuddle a pony plush
Timelord909's avatar
So form my understanding.... I live in North America (United States)
And that being the case, you are offering a Pinkie pie mini for $10.00?
and is that the same for a normal size Pinkie Pie Plush?
Sorry I just want to clearify.
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
You seem to be looking at the shipping prices for the plushes rather than the prices for the plushes themselves.
Timelord909's avatar
Im looking for both :3
Moonlight8837's avatar
have you watched season 4? rainbow power plushies will be SERIOUSLY hard to make... i mean, twi's legs from purple to pink?

I don't know if you can do this, bro. ( i'm a girl irl tho lol ) I'm not really trying to make a commission. Just saying it's hard...
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
I have, and they are more complicated, but several people have already made rainbow power versions. The gradients can be done several ways, as can the patterning on their legs and wings. It is more difficult, but certainly not impossible!
kcsalyer23's avatar
let's party with pinkie
Friedchiken777's avatar
Isn't this exciting? Are you excited because I'm excited I've never been so excited, well, except for the time that I saw you walking into town and I went [gasp] but I mean really, who could top that?

Another excellent addition to the team. I love how much dimension her mane has, job well done Clap 
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
Haha, I love it when she does that :P

Glad you like her! She's one of my faves so far - up there with Flutters. Now to work on Twi!
ChrystalRuins's avatar
I love how her mane is placed out of her face, but still holds true to what she looks like. 
Star-of-Twilight's avatar
Another super awesome pony from you! She is very well done!
westmacott's avatar
The eye design is awesome!
SiamchuchusPlushies's avatar
I love the mane and tail.
NazFX's avatar
Totally gorgeous. 
Autumn-Dreamscape's avatar
I have never seen a pinkie with more perfect and show accurate hair I am so jealous! ;3;
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