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Night Glider - Up into the blue sky!

Night Glider was a commission for LunarCipher1. She was made with a modified version of my rearing pattern, and features a majestic 32" wingspan, at twice her 16" height. She is made of Royal, Snow White, Lavender, Iris, Magenta and Light Orange (non-Shannon) minky with applique details, and has a full internal wire armature for support and wing posing. Her feet and tail are weighted with poly pellets. The idea here was to make it look like Night Glider was in the middle of takeoff, leaping up into the sky. I'm very happy with how she turned out - those wings are absolutely gorgeous in person and can be posed in all sorts of interesting ways (apologies for all the pictures - I couldn't decide which ones showed her wings the best). I was really happy to have a chance to make a canon MLP character I haven't worked on before.
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soooo beautiful! I want one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Those wings! Fourth pic, looks like shes going to just jump off the ground awesome
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Wow that posing.. :3  incredible!!!
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It's... perfect. :iconfinallyplz:
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Wow, that pattern is magnificent. Especially her expression. That is a wonderful plushie.
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She's beautiful! I love her expression and pose, so energetic and fun! :D
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Those wings and that open mouth smile 


If I were ever craving yet another Fire Strike...

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Oh GAWSH it would be fun to do a Fire Strike in this style! Hmmmm...I wonder if I could make a teeny rearing plush? That would be fun. Like...8"? But with lovely big posable wings? Hmmm.... Hmmm.
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Amazing! I haven't seen anyone make open mouthes like that as good as you do.
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