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Lunar Mare

My second full size Luna. 21" to the top of her head, 24" to her hair, and 26" to the horn. Pretty much the same pattern as the last one - on the one hand I like it, and on the other hand I make princesses so infrequently that by the time I get around to making the next one I've forgotten what changes I wanted to make.

Remember the Alicorn Radio contest I posted about before? She's the prize Alicorn Radio commissioned from me for the event. She is for :iconkogasilverdragon:.

Denim, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Electric Blue and Black minky. Assorted satins and cottons. Mane and tail hand-embellished with hundreds of two sizes of glass beads in swirling patterns. Wings wired for posability, wire in the tail for support.

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I love how you did her mane and those sparkles,looks very accurate to the show depiction,nice job ^^
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Fantastic! I love the wings, they look just like they do in the show :)
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Wow, I met this plush's owner at comic con, I wanna touch this luna again soo bad. Great work!
Definitely beats the Aurora one.
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are you selling the patterns? :3
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No, I make all my own patterns and they are not for sale.
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oh.. okay sorry!
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All I can say is... AMAZING! :iconprincesslunaplz: Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna 
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Lovely Luna! Plushie art is so awesome :D
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How much is it for one? It's so pretty! :squee:
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There are links to my general price list on my front page :)
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Is this particular eye vector free for use?  I think it's the prettiest of all the ones I've seen.  :)  I understand if it's not though!  :nod:
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I just looked at a bunch of pictures of Luna and sketched my own eye - you're welcome to use it as a reference if you'd like :)
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Oh wow, thanks!  I really like how you did the eyelashes.  :)
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Do you also use quilt batting in the wings? I am trying yo come up with a new way to do wings and I haven't decided yet...
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