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This is my OC, Winning Ribbon.  The drawing in ink was not done by me, but the amazingly talented Katie-W

Then I scanned in her ink drawing, printed it to watercolor paper and colored it with Watercolor pencils and Watercolors.

So far this is the only drawing or art of any kind I have of Winning Ribbon, but I'm hoping to change that soon.  She's been in my mind for over a year, so it's time for her to get some LOVE for Hearts and Hooves day coming up.  So, check out my journal and put my page on your Watch list, because I'll be giving away a Beanie Plush in a Hearts and Hooves contest.  The entry for the contest will be art featuring Winning Ribbon.  Here is a little bit about her:

Winning Ribbon lives near Ponyville on Firefly's Farm.  She's always loved animals and enjoys showing her Dogs, Kingsley and Mya in dog shows and herding trials all over Equestria.  She's become friends with Applejack and Winona while competing at Herding Trials and has learned a lot from watching their excellent herding skills.  Winning Ribbon is exceptionally competitive in everything she does and she also shows Rabbits and sheep at the fair, as well as all her farm's produce and her own arts and crafts because she's a skilled quilter and painter.  She's a friendly pony who values fair competition and good sportsmanship.  She's very helpful and will do anything to help anypony in need, but she can seem aloof at times.  Once you get to know her you realize she's very nice, but also a little manic at times while she's working on 30 different projects at once because she gets bored with one thing at a time.  But above all else, she loves her animals, her fellow ponies and some tough competition!

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What kind of dogs does she show (for my drawing for your contest) also is there a breed of rabbit?