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The Earth swallowed me whole and spat me out

I've been trying to keep my mind a little distracted ... art helps me cope with things, especially silly art

It turns out that the Earth mistook my purple friend for a grape ... turns out that emotes don't tasted very good :|

I love constructive critique ... please let me know what you think.

Africa is on the front of Earth because I love my continent

HAHAHA ... So I am going through all the awesome comments left, and I came across this one that made me laugh so hard: [link]

Other earthy pixel art by other deviants:
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This is awesome. But you shoulda made the little dude come out of America...
Because you know, we're the only country to ever put a man on the moon!

Emote Flag: America by IceXDragon  
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It will change in 2020 when the USSR sends their man and in 2025 when China follows :D
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The only thing that will change in 2020 is voyager 1 and 2 will have left the solar system.
Here's why.
One. Russia was the first to make a big space station, but in the end Mir turned out to be a disaster.
And Russia is to focused on destroying the US.
proof, It was Russia who messed with the US voting system to elect Trump, Because they thought they could control him.
Two. No One is fighting for the moon anymore. We got there in the 1970s, It's been 40 years.
Three. The next big step is mars. Witch also won't happen because even tho technology is evolving, The space program isn't.
NASA isn't getting funding. And Russia just doesn't have the money.
And Four. We don't have the time to do any of that, I mean Humans will run out of electricity by 2050.I mean we are running out of oil, Witch is really bad because the world needs oil to live. Think about it, Because of the safest power producer is going to ultimately kill us all. Why you ask.Because nuclear power plants make nuclear waste and the only way we keep it from making radioactive gases is by keeping it ice cool with these huge air conditioners, witch run off of electricity.
I mean the best thing Humans have ever made in space is The International space station, Witch is as far as will get.

I know this was a lot to put on someone, but still.
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Awww very cute, congrats on the DD! :D
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:party: thank you very much :icongreengrinplz:
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Very welcome! :iconpartyrvmpplz:
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:happybounce: thank you very much
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I love it~! :D Smooth animation, creative concept, adorable expressions. What else can one wish for in an emote. Awesome job, keep deviating and have a Merry Christmas~! :)
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Thank you very much!
Merry Christmas to you too :hug:
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You're welcome, hope you had a Merry Christmas too~!
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He he, so cute! ^^
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Congrats for the DD! :)


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