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Bubble Reflection Tutorial

I couldn't find a tutorial on how to do convincing bubbles with proper reflections ... so I thought I should share how I did mine

I have shown two ways to make a bubble reflection ... the part in green is for PS 3 and lower

Here's what I made:

The bubble brush I used in the tutorial is this one (the first bubble in the set): [link] ~elestrial

This tutorial was painstakingly and lovingly made by me! You do not have permission to post it on other websites without my permission ... you are however free to use the "share" buttons to pin and tweet and stuff this tut.

Please feel free to browse my stock account :iconre--creation:

EDIT 01:
The 3D menu is only available on Photoshop CS4 Extended edition (and above?) ... so I added another method to make up for that. Now you have 3 methods to create the start of the reflection: 3D Sphere (blue); Liquify: Bloat (green) and Warp (purple).

Featured here:
PE: Stock, Resources and dA Related: Features

Also see the main article:

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Now let's get on with the features :squee: Hopefully these will help inspire you to help you discover what you could create to help the community :)

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Had fun creating bubbles as instructed here. Thank you so much! Wonderful tutorial :heart:
FireFlyExposed's avatar
:D great to hear! and thank you :)
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Hey! You did the best you could with this tutorial and you did a great job!! I can't wait to try it out myself :D
FireFlyExposed's avatar
Thank you! It's fun to do :D
KiraSaintclair's avatar
That's simply amazing Oo
FireFlyExposed's avatar
Aww thank you :D
Hope it is useful
XxAnimeLov3rxXCredit's avatar
Gorgeous ~! Thank you so much for the help! 
FireFlyExposed's avatar
Thank you

and you are very welcome :)
DarkForceLeader's avatar

You saved me the time and trouble, thanks a lot.

By the way, your reflection bubbles are very beautiful.

FireFlyExposed's avatar
Aww ... thank you very much :aww:
CoderSpriter's avatar
Awesome tutorial!
FireFlyExposed's avatar
Thank you very much
CoderSpriter's avatar
  No problem! 
FlyingGekko774's avatar
Epic, epic tutorial!!

Thank you for taking the time to do this!
FireFlyExposed's avatar
:D hope you can use it
Thank you
Chengmonkol's avatar
lolotaha's avatar
but the 3d menu does not   show in menus
and i have photoshop cs6
FireFlyExposed's avatar
the 3D menu is in the extended addition.
lolotaha's avatar
thank you
i will try to download it
Greatgreat tut!! thx :)))
FireFlyExposed's avatar
Thank you very much :blush:
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