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Mulan: A Battle Worth Fighting

By firefly-wp
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If every Disney princess held up a protest sign, what would it be?

Snow White:
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Oh my god, I love the idea behind this series
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Thinking about it, I feel like Mulan would be more inclined to protest the existence of the draft since the whole reason for her going trap in the first place was to prevent her father from being forced into service. And it'd still be relevant since, in several countries today, adults are still legally required to register for it.
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Valid point. I guess the reason I didn't go for it is that I consider it a 60s protest theme. Yes to relevancy though, for more than several countries. As far as the themes of protest signs go (already a canon deviation), I figured I might as well take it further and address interesting alternative takes on the characters that won't necessarily be accepted or fully shown by Disney.

I've read two theories awhile back that described Mulan either as a transman (forced back into the closet by society after his victory) or as a transwoman in an accepting family environment (facing the hard choice of having to present as someone she's not in order to save her father from the draft) and they both made for an interesting story. That second idea of a personal sacrifice coupled with a happy ending stayed with me. The genderqueer themes behind the 'when will my reflection show' spoke to me on a personal level. So there you have it.
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Well, of course, you're free to do what you want with your art and have what interpretations of the source material you will. 

But when you put it like that it honestly just kinda sounds like you're stretching the themes to fit a narrative that's probably not even there, especially if you're delving into fan theory territory. But again, a fandom has the right to depict characters however they like.
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I love these! Would you maybe do a Moana or Merida one? Like Moana with a sign about protecting our oceans or saving the islands, and Merida against forced/child marriages? Just an idea!
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Thank you for the kind words. Working on Ariel as I type this. :) 
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cool! Can't wait!
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