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Wisp Wraith

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Shadowy ribbons of sequin mesh wrap around her body and flurry from her sholders. Dark organza flowers are strewn throughout her gown. 

I'm excited to be organizing an upcoming photoshoot with Saffels Photography and Luna Lovely Cosplay
More on that soon!

Wisp Wraith Gaze by Lillyxandra
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do you make all of these dresses because i whant to be a desiner for my job but dont have ideas even close to youca  you teach meLa la la la :happybounce: Worship 
This reminds me of the gown that Lily wore in the movie Legend (when she turns evil and is seduced by Evil).
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reminds me kind of lily's black dress in Ledgend
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Sultry and smoke, two things I never thought I'd see come together in such a lovely dress. :heart:
witchery gown...When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
EnergyHealingJewelry's avatar
stunning work, falling in love with the detail!
MisLuck's avatar
This is amazing work. I have watched your dresses and tried to look tips for myself as I'm a dressmaker myself too (without any education, just making mistakes and learning from them). I love how you can make anything and this is the perfect dress, it's just... breathtaking. 
dragonladyevelyn's avatar
I have always dreamed of wearing something like this...but Alas' I've been heavy ALL my heaviest was when I was 340lbs..10 years ago I had a Gastric-Bypass done and Almost died from it...I was bedridden for almost 2 years and my hubby had to take care of me...It was horrible I kept losing I was 118 lbs...Had to get nourishment from an I.V. off and on...but (yes I know...T.M.I) now I'm 160 lbs...(a lot of loose skin, wrinkles from it...etc..) I could wear something like that...but No way of getting the money for one...Ever since I saw the Cosplay characters I have WANTED sooo long to wear something like that! But now again...Everyone says I'm too old to dress like a teenager! Hey I lost all that 3 boys have grown and are out on their own..I have a 2nd hubby...yada...yada.... I can't work...S.S.I. was taken away because I married a man who works a steady grocery job! OMG!! You see...I have a young mind...but can't really show it...So before...I was trapped in a fat prison (sorry guys pls no haters...I had enough verbal abuse from first hubby and bullies throughout my life...oh and the "well meaning" people!) and now I'm trapped in a OLD age prison...everything will always stay inside I guess...I KNOW GUYS....T.M.I...But It's nice to get SOME of it out...thanks and I soooooooo Love your dresses!!!
GreatGoatHaberdasher's avatar
I'm really new to Deviant Art, and am just beginning to explore random areas of Artistic interest to me. I'm a photographer, and my wife and daughter are both Seamstresses of a certain level of accomplishment, so they recommended that I start by investigating some of the amazing creations in fabric that others have made. This Artist, Lillyxandra, has created a wonderland of constructions to be enjoyed by all who wish to entertain them. Your story is a moving one; my wife was also very heavy, for years. Through diet, and other means, she was fortunate enough to be able to lose much of the extra weight that 'held her down' (literally and figuratively), although she never heard criticism from myself or our other family members. She, too, would prefer to have some revision surgery done to address some of the remnants of her earlier weight (and we did go through a couple of procedures to address the most-pressing issues, but there are a few more areas that she'd love to change; finances prohibit that, so we both smile and laugh at how Acceptance is a great ability). It saddens me to know that you suffered cruelty at the hands of one who was supposed to love and accept you.  While it may seem "easier said than done", I encourage you to revel in your accomplishments: you've raised three sons who must certainly love you; you have found a partner who has committed to you, and who must see all of your beauty, in all of its forms. Our exteriors change over time, as anyone who has any accumulated experience can attest. You deserve to feel beautiful, and to accept yourself in any form. It's my wish for you to experience these things. Ageism is one of the worst prejudices that we suffer, from sources external and internal. Beauty has no time limit. Even if the finances prohibit getting one of these incredible creations, know that you can be free to adorn yourself in any way that fosters belief in your value; or that makes you feel light, whimsical, profound, wise, giddy, salacious, or joyful in ways that resonate within you. Peace and Love (of Self, and Others)
EnergyHealingJewelry's avatar
definitely choose this. You are never too old. Are you dying because you have been keeping yourself pretending to be normal. Time to stop that non-sense! If this is your desire, you should have it! Make it happen somehow.
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Can i buy one of this if so where? I must have this
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This is bad ass! It reminds me of something ud fight in skyrim.... assuming you know what that is... they have wisp mothers but the arent dressed this awesome. This looks lkke a daedric princess dress
BloominStella's avatar
Awww amazing! Love 
Dylan-Fly's avatar
It reminds me of the witch of Into the woods, but then al little bit darker and windy
EagleWingGallery's avatar
kurohoang's avatar
It's soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anakinstrueluv's avatar
Beautiful work as always!
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MeckaLecka's avatar
Absolutely stunning.
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Amazing work! 
NoraGoodtree's avatar
OMG this reminds me so much of Lily's dark outfit from Legend XD
CroonerLover's avatar
That was my first thought when I saw the thumbnail!
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