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I’m so excited to tell you that our next pattern is out from simplicity. The Fantasy Ranger Pattern (#8363) features a one-sleeved neck corset, corset, skirt, armored waistbands, gauntlet, and circlet. You can purchase it at your local Joann’s StoresWalmart, and online (HERE) A big thank you to everyone who voted on my design last June when I was designing the circlet for this look!
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If I had the money... I'd make that outfit.
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I think I saw that collar / pauldron in a Chinese fantasy movie.  The actress wore it without any other upper body cover. 8)
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I bought this from the simplicity website and it's amazing!  I've been looking forward to making it but as a novice with a sewing machine, it's an intimidating project.  <3  Thanks so much for making this available to everyone!
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After looking long and hard for a pattern that would make my dream wedding dress come true. I happened upon this pattern and my heart skipped a beat. So I bought it and plan on using most of it everything but the armor to make my dream wedding dress. Thank you for making such a beautiful dress. 
I love it, just ordered it in both size ranges because I'm just on the cusp between sizes where the smaller pattern cuts off and the larger pattern picks up.  So excited to use it!
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really beautiful design. 
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Just got your fabulous pattern.
Can't wait to get started.
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My wife just purchased this :)
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This is SO gorgeous! Probably going to buy it in two minutes.
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Aaaaaah it's amazing! <3 <3 <3
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Amazingly done.
LoriAtopexeBritt's avatar
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lol what do you mean dress of dreams, seriously. guys this is jaw dropping
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this one is yours? That is very cool. 
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This is beautiful *_*
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wow, that's great! A look that deserves it's own pattern!
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This is like a warrior princess look. Love it!
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This is beautiful!!
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look amazing! 
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