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Princess Zelda

Oh man i havent updated in a long while. I finished my zelda costume a few weeks ago, just got back from dragon-con were i got to wear it ^_^ To see the rest of the photos from this shoot go here ->[link]
Pic by my sis - mary aka (Haruka)

I created a step by step process on how to make your own LoZ:TP Zelda Armor including a pattern you can print out! I broke down each piece to its own section.
Pauldrons - [link]
Crown - [link]
Belt - [link]
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This Cosplay is so beautiful! 😮
I love it so much!

Btw you are so beautiful!! 😍
Teoma-The-Naraotor's avatar
Perfect Zelda cosplay this is how I picture her in real life :wow:

You are gorgeous amazing awesome lovely beyond everything else I see :love: I'm in love :heart:
Tarapotamus's avatar
VERY lovely Zelda!Heart 
MetaThPr4h's avatar
Is a Awesome cosplay!
Soulsaxophone's avatar
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Oh My Nayru, this is amazing! ELECTRICFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rainbowberries's avatar
This here.. Is true perfection.
May the (tri)Force be with you.
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wow that looks freaken amazing lol
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666 comments? I'll fix that.
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this zelda looks so awesome :D
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Hey! I love your zelda dress! It's sooo beautiful! I was wondering if you made it or bought it. I really want to have a zelda dress :)
szeldamaster's avatar
I also looked at your link on how to make the armor and was WAY impressed! If you also made your dress, is there a pattern that I could buy?
Angels-Leaf's avatar
Try contact her on the website in the links :)
szeldamaster's avatar
Oh! :) I didn't even think of that haha Thanks!
Angels-Leaf's avatar
Hehe, you're welcome :)
wow this is one of the best i've seen. great job.
Thats magnificent!!! Very beautiful
ZeldaMeadowFaerie's avatar
no jokes, this is the best Zelda cosplay i have EVER seen!!!!!!!
tusshill's avatar
you make a great zelda! love the costume!
LetDerp's avatar
oh god, looks so natural!
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