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Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower

By Firefly-Path
Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower is the name of our customer's OC. After she gave us her backstory then I designed and created a versatile outfit to fit her OC. All the accessories we created for her I feel like would be fitting when you LVL up your character giving her different ways to hear her outfit. 

Crown -  Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower Crown by Firefly-Path
Circlet -  Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower Circlet by Firefly-Path
Gauntlets -  Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower Gauntlets by Firefly-Path

Pauldrons -  Princess Alyndra Elora Moonflower Pauldrons by Firefly-Path
Boots -  Moonboots2 by Firefly-Path
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Elvish-Designs's avatar
Moonflower? AS in the royal blood line of elves form teh Forgotten realms! It sure looks like something they would wear if that's the case.
Khthonia's avatar
My favorite thing about these pictures is that it looks like a coven holding hands in a ritual, about to lay down some of that old magic with a k.
ShikamaruArisaWolf's avatar
This Dress is amazing! You have a lot of talent and I would love to buy some of these dresses off of you! 
Voice-of-Kujira's avatar
THIS. Is one of the loveliest outfit designs. I have EVER seen~<3333333
MahouShoujoIceStar's avatar
Firefly! What would be the price for a basic dress like the first photo?
DarkEyedAssassin's avatar
This is so beautiful! I love how the bottom of the skirt fades into the lighter blue.
Lugia20711's avatar
Beautiful work!
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
This dress looks so amazing!!!
So intricate and gorgeous!! <3 
LycoRogue's avatar
This looks amazing. I love the added elements to switch up the outfit a bit as she "levels". Very cool idea. The colors work so well. Love, love, love.
IzieV's avatar
This IS SO AMAZING! you have so much talent its amazing!
foxpen's avatar
Love the ensemble!
Toyger's avatar
Wow, this is magnificent!
I would love to buy something like this, but I have a feeling it is crazy expensive! (should be too! This is amazing handywork and design!)
FalyneVarger's avatar
I love that the dress "levels up"! 
Wizardmon16's avatar
This dress is beautiful and amazing!!!
Wyvern-1's avatar
Waow. That's a gorgeous dress.
Ryanwilliams705's avatar
would love to see the outfit being worn in strong windy gusts in a vast open field!
MeowFoolery's avatar
*** dying ***  so gorgeous I can't
AbbyHook's avatar
Amaterasuscorp1's avatar
this is sooooo beautiful!!!!
GodlyJewel's avatar
Eidolon1's avatar
Awesome display of the dressmaking art.
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