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Forest Stream

By Firefly-Path
Fairy Lore & Design Concept
I designed this costume to wear to the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball 2011. I wanted something that looked as though this Nymph pulled sheets of moss and greenery that grew on the banks of still water ponds to cloth herself. The beautiful burn out velvet already had the texture and colors I wanted. I added clusters of furn, yellow lilys, and purple hydrangea for a splash of color.

I had been a long time fan of German cosplayer :iconnaraku-sippschaft:. She and I share a love for all things faerie. We met once at a cosplay event in Dusseldorf, Germany. This year I invited her to come stay for a week in LA and planned this photoshoot with Indigo during her visit! She made her own beautiful costume based off of the "Woody Card" character from the Anime "Cardcaptor Sakura". Check out more of her designs on her Deviant Art account.

Photoshoot Location
Griffith Park -Los Angeles-California-USA


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Dear blogger, thnx for providing this kind of information... I found it first-class. Have a nice day,  !! excellent customer service
Everything about this is perfect *.*
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Very beautiful costume, model and photograph!
chuckiebobphil's avatar
simply beyond beautiful in everyway
Nanahuatli's avatar
Beautiful! And your face and body are both fairylike. The lighting helps create a fantastic, ethereal effect. Everything's beautiful about this picture!
Metatonix's avatar
Love love love!
Yamiegyption's avatar
This photo is gorgeous. Absolute stunning.
JackEmerald's avatar
There's something about her..... I don't know, there's just something about her face (all of her, actually) that just SCREAMS fantasy, she's a perfect faerie.
orelinde08's avatar
I agree with you... something that is enticing... :heart:
turpinator77's avatar
It so crazy, every time I see this image you remind me so much of my cousin. XD
KingDork's avatar
*head tilts to the side and is too speechless to utter a word*
AyrielDarkmoon's avatar
jazzknh's avatar
Effervescent, radiant and magical. It's so good it looks digital! O.o Just amazing.
fcneko's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. Every image of this cosplay just grabs the eye... Beautiful work!
CaroInWonderland's avatar
I like that pic!! i want a halloween costume like that u.u :D
Shaun-Kyle's avatar
very nice picture. the lighting and the little yellow sparklies on the skirt are really pretty.
hawthorne-cat's avatar
what was your mask like?
tequilapups's avatar
Great colors in the photos.
whisper-lily's avatar
Very lovely photo :)
ai-yokan's avatar
DeaDraco's avatar
although the fairy cliche is really not new, you put it charm back!!! :D :peace:
ButterflyKissz's avatar
it looks like she is looking into your heart and soul
TheOtaku13's avatar
Sprite: What are you doing here, good sir?
Dude: 0.O
Sprite: Is something wrong? Do you seek assistance?
Dude: O.0
Sprite: Ok, that's it. MOOOOMMM! There's another creep out here who doesn't need magical help!
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