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Elsa Cosplay Frozen

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Elsa from Disney "Frozen"
Our customer wanted a Firefly Path twist on Elsa's gown. We used a beautiful square shaped sequined fabric for the corset. At the bottom of the corset we cut icicle shaped strips to transition into the skirt. Hand-sewn clusters of crystals dust the undershirt neckline. Glitter netting falls from the top of the corset to form the ice cape
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wow nice, I have a similar one, check that out 
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Every five year old girl’s dream costume right here.
But tbh it looks really good! :)
Hello! Can you tell me how much this costume cost? I perform in character as Elsa for a small non profit that visits children's hospitals to work with kids, and this costume is gorgeous. 
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Do you by chance watch "Once Upon A Time"? If so, THIS is what Elsa's dress should have looked like in the show. It wasn't awful, but I wasn't a fan. They should have asked YOU to design it instead.
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Just noticed it was made about two months before the film was out.. I can only assume there wasn't enough reference material at the time (or was there?). Either way, it looks gorgeous and very accurate.
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Beautiful gown, regardless of it being modeled after a Disney character.  Just how expensive are the costumes from Firefly Path?
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Wonderful Elsa Clapping It's Time 
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Je vois que cette robe t'a beaucoup inspirée ^^ !! 
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which dress value to me sends to Brazil
RoseJewel21's avatar
Wow! It's beautiful and sparkling! I love it!
pear6900's avatar
This is brilliant! It's so beautiful!
p1nkam3na's avatar
This is THE most accurate Elsa dress I've ever seen! Well done ma'am! :D
Cmanuel1's avatar
I wanna wear that!
erarosaimmortal21's avatar
Very pretty, i love Elsa's dress ^^:) (Smile) 
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That's a beautiful costume you made! I wish I had a dress like this! It's so beautiful and sexy!
DawnDewdrop's avatar
okay, its official. I want that outfit. I love it!
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Amazing love it my sisters going as elsa to a costume party and it would be the bomb dress
dolphinsrock101's avatar
i am 14 and i want this dress so bad i would wear this to prom
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