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River crossing


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River crossing


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Scene from The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

The Best of All

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Eucharistic Infant


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PDV panel - Book One, Part II, Chapter 9, page 13

Paper Doll Veronika

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Bovodar and the Bears - Meeting at the Sacred Elm

Bovodar and the Bears

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Bakers' Dozen 8 - Minigame

Ace Attorney and Professor Layton

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Benjamin Franklin, eh?

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Clockwork Dancer #2 cover


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Beyond flight

Batman: Decadence

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A place far away where we can go and live

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Marked with Eclipse


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Male portrait training - Warren William

Portrait, Landscape, Still Life

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family fun run


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family fun run

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make it white

Vocaloid dolls

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Bottle in the frost

for Friends

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Nibelheim Grocery- Wed Aug 27

Wednesday, August 27 I've sat here for a long time, trying to think how to begin this journal, and at last I threw up my hands and decided I must begin with something, be it stylistically impressive or not. My name is Polly Dean. I was born in Midgar twenty-six years ago, and I lived there until two days ago, counting today, when I arrived in my new home in Nibelheim. I think of myself as a writer, although all I have written in the way of proper pieces of writing is the first few chapters of a novel of which I have not yet figured out a title, and various newspaper articles. In Midgar I worked as a journalist. Now for a description of me.

Nibelheim Grocery

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Mario's Journey quilt

Cosplay and Sewn Things

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Scene from The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle


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Hyrule Castle Town - unfinished


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