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Professor Layton and the Ghostly Mountain

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One night, I dreamt an entire Professor Layton game!!! :iconsqueeeplz:
Sometimes it was like I was playing the game, sometimes it was like I was the Professor and ~eightcrows was Luke. So I made a cover image and drew the characters just as they were in the dream. I love how my mind made them consistently Professor Layton-esque style! And I'll tell ya the plot. Some parts don't make much sense, but this is what I remember:

Professor Layton and Luke set out for a village in the North of England because there were reports of ghosts there. Now, from the get-go in this dream, I knew, the way you know things in dreams, that Luke not only had the power to talk to animals, but that he also often went on mystical vision-journeys to Heaven, while still alive and in the body, like Dante. That's important. This was after Eternal Diva and before Curious Village; I don't know how it stood to Mask of Miracles because I haven't played that. You'll see how it stood to Vs. Ace Attorney.

So they arrived at the town and the first place they went was the Graveyard. There they met Undertaker. They asked about the ghosts, and he said that many people in the town had become ghosts, but they had not died, and it happened often to people who went up the Mountain on the north of town. This Mountain, with a Chateau on it, was a tall dark thing looming in the background, like there always is in Professor Layton games. You could tap on the gravestones and Undertaker would tell you about them: tap on one that said "Comchek" and he said, "That's the noble family who are the lords of this town. Earl and Lady Comchek live in the chateau on the mountain," tap on one that said "Wright" and he said, "That family has been around here for a long time." And of course, he grinned and laughed alot as he talked.

Then Layton and Luke went into the Church next to the Graveyard. There was an altar boy in the sanctuary, but when he saw them he looked startled and ran away, straight through the wall! They went into the Sacristy and there found Mrs. Angel, who told them that the altar boy was her son, Johnny, but he had become a ghost. She was very sad.

They exited the Church and went north to the Town Square. It was very spooky-looking, all dim and creaky, with cobblestones, rusty wrought iron, and dusty Dickensian buildings. There was one building with a swinging plank sign that read, "Wright Law Office" and they went in there. It was a dim room full of dark wood file cabinets and empty *grape juice* bottles all over the floor. Behind the desk was sleeping Barrister Wright. I realized at this point in the dream that for the Professor, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney had not happened yet, but for Phoenix it had, so if he woke up he would recognize Layton (assuming there won't be some they-all-forget-everything at the end of that game,) but Layton would not recognize Phoenix. But they could not wake him, so they left.

Another building in the Town Square was the Theatre. Layton and Luke went in, and in the plush red velvet and gilded but dusty Lobby, met Trucy Wright. She talked melancholily about her father drinking too much, and then perked up and said that bears had been seen on the mountain, so maybe the people who became ghosts were eaten by the bears.

In the main room of the Theatre, they met The Magician, and on the Stage could be seen Marteen and Glossey, playing marbles or something. The Magician said he didn't think the people had been eaten by the bears. Going up on Stage, Luke and Layton talked to Marteen and Glossey together, and they said that Yhohan had gone off to fight in the Great War, (A puzzle in Spectre's Flute reveals that the Professor Layton games take place during or very soon after the reign of George V) but he should come back soon, as the war was over.

The third building in the Town Square was a cluttered Antique Shop, where they found Miss Abigail. She hinted she knew more than she was telling. The final enterable building was a Post Office, where they picked up a postcard that read:

Dear Professor,
Here I am in Haiti. I build houses with my bare hands! The people are kind, though they laugh at my French.
Yours, Emmy.

Heading north from town, Layton and Luke started on a path up the mountain. They passed a disused Bus Stop and heard from the Bus Driver that there used to be bus tours of the mountain, but that they were attacked and passengers were taken.

Eventually they came to an outcropping overhung with a stalactite-trimmed stone roof. On the ground was a large circle of wierd symbols. With his archeological (ie, puzzle-solving) skill, the Professor determined that it was a Magic Circle and it had not been used for over a hundred years. There was also a Hidden Item, and I knew that was a special feature of this game, Hidden Items. When you found one you got twelve Hint Coins. This one was a gold bow and arrow called Katniss's Bow.

Heading back down the path, they came across a Cottage. A boy was playing in the garden, but when they came near he faded away. Inside were Mr. and Mrs. Tomklin. They mournfully told how they had gone on a bus tour with their son, Tommy, and then the bus was stopped and Earl and Lady Comchek burst in! They made all the passengers do puzzles and Tommy was the best at it. Then they dragged him off, and when his parents next saw him he was a ghost.

The Professor decided to head to the Chateau to find out what was going on. To get there, they had to go through a Quarry. There were two buildings and a box. The box could not be opened, but they could see what was inside: crude cloth dolls of various people, including Johnny, Tommy, and... the Professor!!! (And Jack Spicer and Chase Young, for no apparent reason.)

One of the buildings in the Quarry was a metal building with glowing antennae on top. Entering, Layton and Luke found it was a Laboratory, and inside was Dr. Murberry, standing next to some large horizontal tanks that looked like Mako tanks from Final Fantasy VII. She talked about how she was a neurologist and studied the unconscious mind and dream states. She hinted subtly about a Doctor being better than a Professor, and when Layton and Luke turned to go, she said, "Professor, you were once in a coma for 30 days, weren't you?" At this point Luke was ~eightcrows, and she said, "OH S**T!" Because HOW did Dr. Murberry know that? :fear:

The other building in the Quarry was a Miner's Cabin. Inside was Miss Abigail again. There were hardly any furnishings, just a table, some chairs, and a stove. Miss Abigail was cooking at the stove, and she invited Luke and Layton to stay for a dinner of mutton stew. While they were eating, Captain Edgar C. Wright came right through the wall and asked if he could join them. He introduced himself, and sadly added, "ghost" after his name. The Professor tried to shake his hand but it went right through. This is the part I remember in most detail.

"So, are you related to Barrister and Miss Trucy Wright?" the Professor asked.

"I think so, distantly," the Captain answered.

"Pardon me for asking, but how did you become a ghost?"

"Well, I was just sittin' in me shanty, mendin' me sails, when in burst Lady Comchek! After that I don't remember nothin' till I woke up in the Quarry, and I was like this." He shook his head. "It's no use talkin' about it." He looked at the table. "But say, Miss Abigail, this place will have to be sterilized after we're eatin' here." He looked at Layton and Luke and explained, "In a few days a woman'll be havin' her baby in here."

"That's right, Miss Rabbit will soon be due," Miss Abigail said, "And I'm the midwife."

"The whole place will have to be washed down with alcohol, the tools boiled, and the table and floor scrubbed. It's an awful lot of work." Captain Wright pointed at the Professor, clearly expecting him to do it.

"Anything to help a lady," the Professor said.

"Aw but this one's no lady!" Captain Wright declared. "She's Miss Rabbit, not married."

The Professor stiffened, and started to say, "A Gentleman does not-"

But Luke, sensing conflict, broke in, "I remember Mrs. Bush saying she was going to deliver a baby, too!" (Mrs. Bush is a lady I know from my church.)

"Did she tell you that before we left London?" Layton asked.

Luke faltered, "Oh, no, I guess it was... in Heaven." Luke was embarrassed of his mystical visions, and wished he hadn't said anything. Miss Abigail relieved him by changing the subject:

"But sometimes, no matter how much you sterilize, the infection is too strong. Like at the old Army Hospital."

"Where is that?" the Professor asked.

"Up the mountain a ways. It was used in the Great War, but now it's quarantined."

"Maybe it has something to do with people becoming like ghosts," the Professor said. He decided to investigate it. But Miss Abigail pointed out it had gotten dark and said they should investigate in the morning after spending the night in the Cabin.

The next morning, all four of them headed up to the Hospital. It was a long, huge, wooden shed building with no windows. The doors were hung with "QUARANTINE" tape but the Professor stepped up and opened them. Miss Abigail had brought a geiger counter; she held it out and said, "It's safe." (I know, infection and radiation are different; it was a dream!)

They stepped inside. It was empty, except, at the far end, they found a Magic Circle! It was different from the one on the Mountain, bigger, and recently used. The Professor was standing on it to examine it when it started to glow. He looked up in alarm and there was Lady Comchek, holding the cloth doll of him, and in the other hand, a long pin. As she stabbed the pin into the doll, Luke yelled, "PROFESSOR!" and ran onto the circle. White light enveloped everything.

Layton and Luke found themselves in a sort of horizontal column of zooming light rays, all surrounded by whiteness. K-9 was with Luke. (A thousand picarats to you if you figure out why.) Layton tried to put his hands on Luke's shoulders but they went through; Luke was solid.

"You still have your body, Luke, like in your visions. Go to the Magic Circle on the Mountain, talk to the bears, we have to reconnect Heaven and Earth!" As the Professor spoke he was being pulled away, back.

Then he opened his eyes and he was lying in one of the Mako tanks in the Laboratory. He sat up and went straight through the top of the tank. Dr. Murberry was standing near, watching, and she laughed.

"Didn't figure this one out, did you?" she sneered. "We choose the smartest subjects by putting puzzles all over the village to test them. The Comcheks' magic separates the body and soul, and then my science creates a ghost body of particles and gases." She rolled open a secret door, and there were the bodies of Johnny, Tommy, Captain Wright, and the Professor, lying on examination tables. "Then I have living but soulless bodies, and the brains are mine to study! Hahahaha!! HAHAHAHA!!!" Laughing evilly, she hefted up a giant bellows and blew the Professor straight through the wall out of the Laboratory.

This is where my memory gets the worst, at the climax, and that's how it always is with my dreams! Maybe the Professor went and found something at the Chateau, maybe Trucy and the Magician had to help with their magic, but ultimately they went to the Magic Circle on the Mountain, and Luke appeared in the middle and talked to the bears, and somehow reconnected Heaven and Earth, turning everyone back to normal. Hooray!!!

Then Inspector Chelmey turned up and bundled the Comcheks and Dr. Murberry off to prison. Everybody had a big celebration in front of the Church. They were all thanking Luke and Layton, when up walked someone we hadn't seen before: Miss Rabbit.
"Thank you for saving the town-" she started to say, then suddenly went, "OOH!" and collasped. The Professor caught her.

Then the credits rolled, and the pictures were of the Professor, guided by Miss Abigail, carrying Miss Rabbit to the Cabin, then everyone looking on admiringly as she held her new baby, then Luke and Layton leaving the town and everyone waving, them getting back to London, Emmy in Haiti hoisting a ridiculous amount of lumber, and I think there was one of Luke giving Mrs. Bush a flower.

The End.

For the drawings, I hadn't brought my markers to MN, so I did it all with inking pens of different colors. I learned that the Stabilo ones can be blended nicely with my Niji waterbrush. New media, cool stuff!

Undertaker copyright Yana Toboso,
Phoenix and Trucy copyright Capcom,
The Magician, Marteen, and Glossey copyright ~eightcrows,
Katniss's Bow copyright Suzanne Collins,
Mako tanks copyright Square,
Jack Spicer and Chase Young copyright Christy Hui,
K-9 copyright the BBC,
And Professor Layton, Luke, Emmy, Chelmey, and all Professor Layton elements copyright Level 5, :w00t:
Other characters, drawings and story copyright me and my crazy unconscious mind.
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Whoa!😳 This actually reminds me of another "Professor Layton" story. This one takes place a few months after "Diobolical Box" and before "Vs. Ace Attorney." It's called "Professor Layton and the Star of Christmas."
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
Neat! Is that one you made up?
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Yes, actually. 😅But you kinda have to wait until December. <nervous chuckling>
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I love when people share their cool dreams! Thank you for that awesome story! It's game-quality!
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!
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IdontknowwhoyouknowHobbyist General Artist
My dreams are even weirder.

One day, I and my family went to a amusement park, perhaps Dufan or Hong Kong Disneyland. Then there was a masquerade ball and then I climbed a cliff.
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SegaNutHobbyist General Artist
the undertaker broke out of black butler
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
It seems so!
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SegaNutHobbyist General Artist
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Woah, your dreams are a lot less vague then mine
FireFiriel's avatar
FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
Well most of mine are vaguer than this! :D
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Luke can't say that sort of thing.
So he turned into 8crows just to say it.
Then, having said it, he turned back.
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
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I love having dreams with interesting plots! I don't remember them this well most of the time, though.
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
I usually don't remember them this well either, but with this one I made sure to get it all straight before doing anything else. ^^
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Yeah, I mean, when it's a dream that's as cool as that, you want to remember it!
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SuperheroGeek13Hobbyist Writer
I love these sort of dreams! You were able to recreate it in great detail, too. Impressive. I quite enjoyed the story of Professor Layton and the Ghostly Mountain. Your subconscious is quite creative. :nod:
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
Me too! I wanted to be sure I didn't forget that one! :D Glad you liked it!
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Mahira-chan General Artist
Goodness! Wow, this type of dream is just SO you :laughing: Your memory is really impressive! Very interesting! Sounded like it must have been such a fun dream!
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
Heehee, why thank you! It was such a fun dream, put in a great mood for the rest of the day. :boogie:
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Mahira-chan General Artist
You're welcome! Ohh, I've had dreams like that! They're so awesome, huh? Really though, how did you remember it so well? Did you write it down right after you woke up?
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
Right after I woke up I wrote down all the people who were in it and started sketching them. Then as soon as ~eightcrows got up I told it to her.
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Mahira-chan General Artist
Clever! Isn't it great when you have a dream like this...there's very little to compare it to! Just the urge to remember it very well because it was just that amazing. And the fact that it was a dream and all....yeah, I can't think of a comparison for the drive and all the feelings. It's pretty amazing!
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FireFirielProfessional Traditional Artist
Yeah, very little can affect your mood like that, because dreams often, sometimes regardless or even sometimes contrary to what's happening in them, will make you feel are certain way, and when it's good it's very good! :D
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