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People need to know! It's unbelievable how many people I've seen drawing holly and calling it mistletoe. Don't let yourself make that mistake!
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Even the people on the Simpsons don't know the difference!

First Guest: I drank that wassail under the mistletoe.

Marge: It's not mistletoe, just cherries and lettuce.

Second Guest: Oh!

First Guest: I thought when I ate it, it wasn't poisonous.

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All the damn time. Irks me to no end- learn your plants people! xD
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Hopefully this helps! :XD:
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"Got it? Then Merry Christmas." I died laughing xD
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i saw it just today... it bothers me people can't tell the difference. It's like calling a Trilby a Fedora...
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This was very clearifying ;P
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... I love you.
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As a botanist, I feel your pain.
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So many people get these confused!
Though, it always baffles me why people want to kiss under a tree leach anyway.
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It angers me so much when people mix them up. (probably because my name is Holly XD) :holly:
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Now I know what the looks like and how to describe it! Thank you so much!
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Welcome! Glad to be of service!
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YUSH!!!! I never knew what the leaves look like. Thanks <3
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Well there you go. :D Thank you!
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