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Enclosed is a puzzle

Spoilers for Professor Layton and the Unwound Future!

A letter from the Professor. I thought of this right after playing Professor Layton and the Unwound Future for the first time. As my journal on the subject says, one of the most amazing things in that game is how the Professor's goodness (which he has not by simply somehow just being "a good person," but by continual works of kindness and honour, both small and great) was pulling Clive away from that evil, destructive hatred of humanity, and both the Goodness's drawing power and Clive's fighting against it are so well rendered. And that would continue afterward, only now the Professor would be consciously trying to help. So he wouldn't abandon him in gaol.

I am so very proud and pleased with those walls. Man. Often I cannot do justice to the picture I develop in my head. This time, I surpassed it. I am so happy! It was a very long process of several layers of ink painting with two different greys I mixed, masking, and more ink painting. The cell is based on those in Kilmainham Gaol, in Dublin, which I visited. (It's not used as a jail anymore.) I'm just so happy with the lighting and the bricks!

The Professor Layton games are all a mish-mash of times and eras, mostly Victorian, but they also have stuff from Watteau dresses to video conferencing on computers! So here's hoping that Layton's England has the post-1973 aspect of no death penalty. Because barring a miracle (or Phoenix Wright as his barrister) I don't see any other way Clive could avoid it. But that would just be too awful. Maybe Inspector Chelmey blackmailed Bill Hawks... I like the sound of that. :D

EDIT, having now played Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Haha! Now it's possible he could have Phoenix as his barrister! Oh wait, at that point he would be disbarred. Oh but it turns out it is in the modern times, so yeah, no death penalty! :w00t:

The puzzle is easy, probably only worth 10 or 15 picarats, but I had to make it up myself, so yeah. ^^ It's: how many crosses are in this figure? Clive's prisoner letter and number is a puzzle too: how does the set of numbers connect with the letter? Let me know if you solve em!

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It makes me so happy to see this. Lately I've come across so many fans who say that Layton would give up on Clive, but I don't think that's the case at all, nor was it what the ending implied. So it's great to see a more optimistic piece of Clive having received a letter from the Professor.
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Gosh! I can't imagine why people would say something like that! I can't see the Professor giving up on anyone. :aww: Thank you very much!
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Oh gosh, I was missing so much beautiful wonderfulness in that first one the first time around! Augh, wow, it really does my heart good to see something like the Professor sending him that puzzle. I really needed such a comfort after all THAT! :cries:

And yeah! Modern times! :phew: Because the very thought of that is just too much! :noes:
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Thank you very much! I tried to put all my feelings about that powerful game into this one, and as a result, it's one of my favorite pictures I've ever done. :happycry:

Yeah! Although in that same world, they do have the death penalty in California which they don't in real life... :noes:
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this is so cool i love this
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That is awesome! Unwound Future is my favorite in the series.
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Thank you! Mine too!
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Is his some sort of secret message puzzle???
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The two puzzles in this are how many crosses in the drawing on the little piece of paper, and what do the numbers and letter of his prisoner ID have to do with each other. ^^
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this is really nice!
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((now to try n solve the puzzle...; w ;XD im so slow on puzzles but i still love em ; w ; gawd im so weird XDD))
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Would you like a hint? :D
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Okay, hint coin accepted! :iconhintcoinplz:
For the puzzle in the letter: Remember not just to count crosses made by lines, but also crosses made by space between lines.
For the puzzle of his prisoner ID: Have you ever heard of digital roots?
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bhjdiubghudigh OMFG IM SO SRRY FOR DA LATE RESPONSE ; A ; so busy ; - ;...

lol anywaaays! thanks! *takes hint coint*

ummmm no i havent heard of that lol srry XD; lemme take a look at this puzzle again soon cuz right now i g2g n ill see if i can solve it XD

again srry for the late reply XD;
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Goodness, you don't have to apologize!

Well then, here's the next hint: a digital root is what you get when you add the digits of a more-than-one-digit number together. Example: the digital root of 23 is 5, because 2+3=5.

Good luck! :aww:
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((bhyudfgwfugww HOW IS IT THAT I NEVER SAW THIS!!! nice very nice ; w ;))
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Ace, The Ninth Man, and Junpei have some unfinished business!
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