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And I quit my day job! Yes finally, after almost twenty years of wanting to be an artist as my full-time career, I am plunging in. There will be lots to share in the coming months, and I want my art blog and Instagram (above) and here to be the main places I share it... along with the Paper Doll Veronika website when it goes live!!!

I still like Deviantart best of social media places. As someone pointed out, it's the only place where they let you see a complete list of everything done by the people you follow without it getting buried by feeds and algorithms, not to mention things like shadowbanning! And it seems a bit more lively in this past year than it did around 2014-15... I think it's because tumblr has dwindled, perhaps? Anyway, I'm here to stay.

My brother :iconguildmasterphill: has started his long-awaited webcomic, Adventurers' Guild! Get ready for 32-bit RPG nostalgia and check it out here:

My sister :iconpallidapapillio: just got married! She says her husband has a DA account too, what could it be?! She's not very active here anymore so I don't know if she'll see this but I am pestering her anyway! :nana: Cyber chivaree!

My other sister :iconeightcrows: is still active here; she's been sewing things!

And now, what I'm going to be dedicating most of my time to:

Story List

Clockwork Dancer by Jon Del Arroz
Inking page 5!

Bovodar and the Bears by Jack Mikkelson
Aah! New! A graphic novel adaptation of a whimsical and heroic young adult fantasy novel!!! I'm so excited for this. I read the author's work and I approached him and practically begged he let me do the art for a comic by him. And it's happening! This story is so cool.

project with Corinna Turner
Not done much more since last time, but it's on the schedule!

Paper Doll Veronika
More writing done, I prepared a section of the website, an I got alot of papers for it in Texas when I went down for the aforementioned wedding!

No new progress. But I've been thinking about lately more. For years it seemed like this would stay where I left it, because there wasn't much in the way of independent comics publishing, but now!!!

26 Palaces Under the Sea
No new progress.

Mary's Mazes
No new progress.

Fanworks (all DC)

All DC fanwork is on the back burner right now.
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Mary MacArthur
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This Eclipse thing has me worried. The announcement, heavy on pizzazz and light on information, is very unclear as to whether it will be forced on everyone or is only for those who want it/maybe pay for it?
:batman: :ninja: Batman Ninja verdict: rather disappointing. Cool visuals but not much depth and lots of unused potential. Biggest flaw: not seeing Dick's, Jason's, and Tim's final fights with Penguin, Deathstroke (who seemed more like Deadshot?), and Two-Face respectively. I was looking forward to that for the entire movie and I can't fathom why it wasn't shown. The final Batman-Joker fight was great, though. Watched first dubbed; heard it's muuuch better subbed, so I look forward to seeing if true.
I have a (not-lucrative) Society6 account; I don't really like it. Can anyone tell me, is Redbubble better?
I am now on Instagram, where my profile picture is a sneak peek for my upcoming webcomic, Paper Doll Veronika!…
What fun!
I dreamt that I had 7777 notifications on here...
Finished the thumbnails for issue 1 of Clockwork Dancer!!! :dance:
I am no longer using Patreon because of their silencing of journalists reporting on leftwing violence, but I want to reiterate my support for chateaugrief and LauraHollingsworth and their respective awesome webcomics!
Now having finished Millionaires' Conspiracy:
And fanart to come.


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captshade Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018
Miss your Nysric art.
FireFiriel Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes well, I have little enough time for fanart at all, and I haven't been as enthusiastic about Dr. Who since the new series went down the drain.

Wait a minute- you just gave me an idea...
captshade Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018
Sorry to hear that.

This aught to be good...
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Happy B-day, girl.;)
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Happy birthday and may God bless you with many more! :D
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :airborne:
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Sure thing. How are things going on your end? I just got this great internship at Solar Turbines, and I'm thrilled to start. How about you?
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