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A Dream for Two - Part 2
Twilight ran outside into the sparkling meadow.
She breathed heavily. Her heart threatened to jump out of her chest. She looked all around for Spike, but in front of her was just an endless stretch of green grass. Sun shined brightly across the clear sky. A hardly discernible smell of rain echoed in the air.
Twilight stepped from hoof to hoof, confused. She turned around, but the gates behind her have disappeared: there were no more marble floors nor a single pony in sight, only huge ripples of wind running through the arching stretch of short grass in the distance.
Soft wind played with her mane as she stood, lost and clueless, in the middle of green nowhere.
"Oh, no," Twilight dropped her ears. "I've lost him!"
Twilight sat down. The realisation dawned on her like a big gloomy shadow, and her heart raced even faster. She weakly looked around in despair and, with one giant effort, picked herself up. Despite the pleasant wind and sunshine all around her, she shivered from cold.
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A Dream for Two - Part 1
Cause where you're going
I'll follow you, follow you
And what you're feeling
I'll feel for you, feel for you
And what you're hearing
I'm singing for you
And when you're sleeping
I'm dreaming your dreams for you

- "Dreaming your Dreams", Hybrid
"Concentrate, Spike. We need all our concentration for this magic to work."
Purple dragon adjusted the pillow underneath himself, not taking his gaze away from the sparkling blue rock in front of him for a second.
Ponyville was unusually noisy today for some reason, and birds outside the library's window chirped louder than a steam engine. A trickle of sweat made its way down Spike's eyebrow: it took all his willpower not to give into all of the distractions of the small quiet village. With corner of his eye he noticed the rough crystal in front of him reflecting a smoky purple glow, shining brighter and brighter with each painfully passing second.
"Almost, almost..." muttered Twilight Sparkle, her glowing horn aimed firmly at the crys
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Pinkie's Lullaby by FireFics Pinkie's Lullaby :iconfirefics:FireFics 1 0
A Dream for Two
Pinkie Pie sat on an exquisitely decorated throne in front of a draped table in the middle of Sugarcube Corner. Party balloons and streamers filled the air, floating from place to place like a small ocean. The small shop now stretched far and wide to accommodate the odd party: Pinkie Pie herself, and a giant, mean-looking purple dragon.
Pinkie Pie took another sip of sarsaparilla from her slender glass. She hesitated for a moment, then lowly looked up at her guest. The giant beast scowled back at her in complete silence.
"Do not hesitate, good sir," Pinkie Pie scaredly gestured towards the small glass in front of the dragon. "Sample a taste of our finest-funnest beverage! It is of a most delicate most bubbliest-ever taste that you shall not regret partaking..." she paused, biting her lip. "Er, was it what when- Oh! On my honour!"
The dragon lowered his head, scowling at the glass, then turned back to glare at Pinkie Pie again. She uncomfortably adjusted herself a little.
Pinkie Pie wai
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How do I write this thing
Current Residence: Planet Earth
Favourite genre of music: Approximately 80
Operating System: GLaDOS
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Skin of my enemies
Skin of choice: Pale-white
Favourite cartoon character: Nicholas Rockefeller
This is my sister account for fiction and fanfiction likely not worth anyone's time.

Mainly My Little Pony, because that's what real men write about nowadays.

Did you hate my work? Tell me why! Did you like it? Tell me why! I'll get better, honest!

If all else fails, visit my real account for some pretty pictures:…


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