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Sorry, but that's not relevant to the group. Hiding now.
hey, is this still active?
I... Guess not. Shame :(
Hi, I don't know if my artwork is good enough to be added to your group, would you please give me a notice about it?

EDIT : I'll add it to fire fantasy, feel free to dismiss it, if it's not okay! :la:

EDIT 2 : I can't put it in the fantasy folder, so I juste added it, hope it's okay!
Greetings, and thank you for your interest in our Group! :wave:

I'm not sure I fully understand what it is you're trying to do exactly, but please note that all requested submissions are subject to a "best-out-of-3" vote, and then upon approval they will go into the Featured section (by default) until they are sorted into the most appropriate Gallery, assuming a Gallery wasn't already selected.   :nod: / :no:

Sometimes I will leave a comment as to why a submission was rejected if it was deemed unacceptable, which is usually because it did not sufficiently meet the requirements detailed on the front page of our Group. (Please refer to the "About Us" section for more details if you are uncertain.) :movingon:

Anyway, I believe I already see the deviation in question, so let's see what happens from there! Looks fine to me, so great work and thanks again for your contribution! :D
Thank you so much for these detailed explanations!

I'm glad to be in this group :la: