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Professional Illustrator for Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and many others

Note me for Commercial Work!

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Jesper Esjing
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Arcadefire, Muse, Pendulum, Janelle Monae
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photoshop CS3/ CS4 Corel Painter
Sorry it's taken me so very long to get this out, stuff has been super hectic! We had a lot of really fantastic entries for my first contest here, and regardless if you won or not, every time a new fanart came in, everyone on the discord went ballistic over it and we couldn't stop gushing about the depth of creativity that came from this. There were so many small details, clever puns and amazing works put forth that it really made this decision pretty difficult. Our Fanart Winner is DemonML ! Of this epic piece called Untethered, Neri having a heckin' good flight and loving every minute of it. Great knowledge of form and lighting, fun and epic pose, and an over all treat. Our Panel Redraw winner is stephycake ! I loved the fun atmosphere of remaking this page in an old timey animated style, I love the added film burn lines like an ancient part of Neri past got animated and turned into this lovely gem. Thank you guys again so much for being such wonderful folks, and
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CURRENTLY REVIEWING FOR WINNERS! My grandfather passed away a couple days ago so things are a bit in the air at the moment. Bare with me as it might take a few days more before winners are announced Hey there! So April 2022 marks the third year Caelum Sky's Comic has been online! I've wanted to run a contest for a while and figured this would be a nice time to do it. Both contests will run until May 1st! There'll be two contests with separate prizes happening at once. The first: Panel Redraw Contest! Draw any published panel up online in your own style! You can change whatever you want about the comic to make it more your own, but just keep the general feel of the interaction between the characters and dialog the same. You wanna turn everyone into cats? Go nuts! Swap the whole thing to a dangerous mountain cliff, that's cool too! Just make the comic your own, and be sure to link the original page in your description so we know where it's from :D Comic starts from the
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I hate to be that person, but my gallery's been hit hard by folks stealing works here for NFT's an the like on Opensea. I'm at the point i've got about...20-30 DCMA takedowns to issue, and while watermarks are an annoyance, they're necessary because it's absolutely relentless right now. They seem to focus not on comic pages, so it'll mostly be other things, but yeah nothing is safe right now. You can always follow me at my other social media- Twitter @alradeck, where they just steal t-shirt designs, and FA where people are too lazy to sign up to steal artwork so far. Have a good holiday season ya'll.
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Hey, just found your comic and thought about giving it a read, looks super promising!

I did wanna ask tho, got some gallery type deal where the pages are all in one place? I've looked around your page but either I'm dumb or it ain't there

It's not a huge deal, just a convenience thing

Thanks in advance!

I thought you might be over here. Easier to access the comic pages than on FA. Watching in both places!

I find your art very inspiring. Especially the animal to magic card art. I am a starting artist and this makes me want to try out some of my favorite cards like this. I really enjoy looking at your work.

Hey thanks so much, I really appreciate that! Best of luck on your art journey!

merry Christmas ♡

Agh, yeah, DA alerted me to those a bit ago, looks like they haven't taken shit down yet. AH WELL, thanks for letting me know! Time to get out the ol DCMA's.