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Don't put your stuff up on DA. This site isn't for artists anymore, it's a cash grabbing well and everything you post here is just monetary fodder for a dying site to extort every last cent they can get out of you.

The first submission I ever posted here was this terribly posturized image of myself playing a flying V guitar I didn't own in 2005. It was on a site full of web themes and blossoming art community full of enthusiastic, empathetic people. It soon became a haven for my writing, my very terrible looking anime drawings that people said were great, which gave me the first confidence boost I ever got to make a switch in college over to art. After working hard to improve for 14 years, I find myself in an extremely fortunate position where fantasy art and comic making are my full time jobs, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. The history I have logged on this, and my previous account make up such a pivotal part of my life that even thinking about leaving is deeply painful. For folks out of the loop this last weekend, Deviantart released a number of journals pertaining to their stance on AI artwork, and their new AI app, Dream up. DeviantArt has been ground zero for AI networks to
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So I've been actively deleting most of my gallery. I had 1300 deviations to start, and Da lovingly took out the ability to bulk delete your images, and put a nice little shitty note about how they won't do it for you So kind. Let's be honest, it's to keep images on their site and make the process of leaving that much more a pain in the ass. Because if the images aren't up on here, then how will they soullessly scrape your hard work for big WixBucks? Why did it feel weirdly cathartic to delete 9 daily deviations??? Anyways. So I've been looking into alternatives to DA. SheezyArt - My SheezyArt Page SheezyArt, I think, will be the genuine successor to DA. Ironically, for people not old as sin and don't know, SheezyArt *used* to be the direct competitor of deviantart back in like...2003 -2013. Relaunched in 2021, it's currently in a beta until 2025. That means unless you pay 3 bucks, you have to try and fight for an hourly free account slot. (just don't bother, I tried at like
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So a few things! The Comic's patreon is on the 10th chapter, which means when that's done we'll be getting another book printed up! We're currently 20 pages ahead on 295 and if you'd like to support the comic, that's the best way to do so! The Comic site linked per page is a page ahead, it's always a bit ahead, just a casual non-comment reminder where it's at. It's a way easier format to read, folks there are super nice, you don't have to have an account to post, but non-accounted posts have to be approved. Uhhh, christmas stuff! I have two etsys! One's for MTG Cards, playmats, and Caelum Sky Merch, here. And the other is my PaleoPins Etsy! Many hard and soft enamel designs i've been working on on the side. (we've got some 57 designs, i think?) Finally! I've started up an Instagram Account for the comic. It's a way to reach a new audiance and post panels, but also show some WIP stuff and sketches. I just started it today and it's got a whopping 2 followers so far. Unrelated DA
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Are you on Sheezy? If so, do you have a link? I'd love to follow you on there :)

Oh fantastic!! Yeah I gave up getting in through the 10 slots thing, too quick for me XD I got in via one-time donation to their PayPal. Welcome aboard!

same, same, haha

I keep trying to hop on there but they won't let me innn, haha

Sad to see another great artist leave, but when "law" becomes oppressive resistance becomes duty.

if you still see these comments, do you have any recommendation of one of your other linked sites for artwork? I've seen a lot of artists migrating to other sites but I haven't seen any feedback on how those other sites actually are.

while I am sad to see you leave DA, I understand your concerns regarding AI and the site. It has gotten so bad that now I tend to automatically assume most art is AI generated unless the artist mentions what media or software they've used. I am afraid AI won't be going away, but we can do our best to fight it. As for DA specifically, I've been soured on it for many years. There were times the admins and moderators pulled immature stuff. I remember way back when one faked their own death, then there was some disagreement that lead to one being fires, which in turn caused the mods to turn to the community to take sides and fight.i still haven't forgotten one admin using the R word and seeing no issue with it when I brought up that people in the disability community like myself find it insulting and dehumanizing. That has taken most of my spark from uploading much of my work besides the fact you have to be very well established for anyone to take notice. As for the AI work and related I've grown so sick of pin up figures that have what look like a pair of inflated balloons on their chest, that I just block the so called artists so I don't have my feed cluttered with such stuff.