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Jelsa in blue

By FireEnze
It's been a while since I posted something here. Since I love Jack Frost and Frozen, when I saw this lineart I tell myself I must color it. So there it is ^^

Done really quick just for fun. Hope you like it.


Jack Frost © Dreamworks
Elsa (from Frozen) © Disney Company
Done with :iconphotoshopplz:
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© 2014 - 2021 FireEnze
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GORGEOUS!! I love how you drew their kiss 😍❤
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Thanks for the comment. However I didn't drew the kiss, it's was someone-stupid who did this fine work :) I'm glad if you like it with my colors on it ^_^

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Oh! My bad! I typically look at Deviantart on my phone so it's easy for me to miss the information since I'm busy admiring the art lol 😅 I certainly do love the coloring job! Talk about a lovely collaboration! 😍
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Don't worry that's ok ^_^ I totally get it ! art appreciation is more pleasant than reading the boring description 😅

Anyway, thank you again fort your lovely comment, and your respond :) Again I'm glad you like what I've done :D

Enjoy DA and have a really nice day ;)

Depicting a trans lesbian woman character as a straight one is an act of racism. Jelsa shippers are not true Frozen fans and are not part of the Frozen fan community. They're Trump supporters.

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I don't put any judgment about any character's sexuality or their representation. I accept all people and all opinion as long as people accept that every one have their own opinion as well, the only limit is to respect other.

I'm apolitcal and an European, so I've no business in supporting any debate about USA politics.

Your comment, for me, is an free-attack (I hace to translate litterally I guess there is better word for it I just don't know which). You don't know anything about me, about my thoughts and I thank you to not put words in my mouth.

In both Frozen movies Elsa don't have any love interest except for her family and her country. You're free to imagine her preference, as anyone else. You're no judge to say if I'm a true Frozen fan or not. I liked the movies, very much. I like the character, thank you. And, I liked this lineart, period. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That being said, have a nice day.

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Too beautiful
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Yes it is beautiful 😍
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It's so awesome! Love it
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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you love it ^^
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Jelsa is an amazing ship. :)
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This is so beautiful! Does any one else see Elsa's little tatoo on her arm?
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Thank you so much. For the fav, the comment and the watch !
It's not a tattoo on her arms, it's my signature, it's meant to be seen ^^ (yes I have two artist name : Firehenze and Tsuki that's why my signature has a different name).
Thank you again ^^
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Yepyep! It's so cool, that it looks like a tat
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It's not meant to look like one, but if you think it's a tat and you like it, i'm glad ^^
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Okay! I hope to see more similar to this! Goo job!
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Well, we'll see ^^ Thanks again :D
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