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Dean X Reader: Bad Things Happen (One-Shot!)
Dean X Reader: Bad Things Happen (One-Shot!)
A/N: This One-Shot! contains sensitive material, do not read further if you do not wish to be disturbed by this content, for those who are brave enough, read on. Aside from that, sorry for being like a day late, my health is garbage and my insomnia is like my best friend. Anyways, hope you enjoy <3
    Sam was in his motel next door, listening to the screaming match in the room next door, he sighed and peeked out the window to see you shove Dean out of your hotel room, “Why don’t you just get in your car and leave?!” You screamed, “I will then! But this time I’m not coming back!” Dean threatened, he pulled out his car keys and was about to unlock the car door when he turned and looked at you. “What are you waiting for?” You asked, “I couldn’t care less if you left, I’m done with you Winchesters!” You cried, about to walk away when D
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Thor X Reader: Love at First Sight (One-Shot!)
Thor X Reader: Love at First Sight (One-Shot!)
    You walked out of the portal to see Heimdall remove his sword from the pedestal, you panted heavily and turned to see a tall man, with crystal blue eyes and blonde hair that fell to his shoulders, he looked up at you and smiled, by the gods were you beautiful. You bowed slightly and smiled and turned and looked at Heimdall, “It is done” You said, before walking out of the Bifrost, you looked back to take one more glance at Thor.  
    “Who is this fair maiden?” Thor asked, looking at Heimdall.
    “She is the one who slayed the giant, I believe your father had a bounty for it” He replied.
    You put your sword back into your sheathe and began walking back toward the kingdom, you walked into the main hall and looked around, you made your way into the grand hall to find Odin sitting on his golden
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Logan X Reader: Date Night (One-Shot!)
Logan X Reader: Date Night (One-Shot!)
A/N: I do apologize for not posting in over a month, I haven't been doing to much becuase of medical reasons, I'm not sure if I mentioned this but I have severe CFS and Fibromalgyia, I don't usually have the energy to do much. My memory is awful and I've been meaning to post for a while, I've also been very busy working on getting a book published as well. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one-shot, I hope to post the following week like usual but my writers block is getting the best of me.
    Logan was laying on his bed, smoking a cigar, waiting for you. He had promised to help pick out your outfit for date later that night, he took a puff of his cigar and blew out the smoke, suddenly, you scurried into the room with a pile of clothes in your arms; you rushed into the bathroom and closed the door behind you. Logan stared up at the ceiling and continued to smoke his cigar, moments later, you came out in a pair of
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Kylo-Ren X Reader: Secrets and Lies (One-Shot!)
Kylo-Ren X Reader: Secrets and Lies (One-Shot!)
A/N: I know it's been so long since I've posted, so many healthy issues it's not even funny. I have so much stuff to post but for some reason I don't have the guts to ever post it, uggghhh. I hope to post more frequently because all I do is write and play video games, and film me playing those video games, and streaming occasionally. Anyways, here you go, I hope you enjoy <3 
    It was nearly dawn, you had spent most of the night scavenging when you noticed a man dressed in a black robe, you quickly searched around for anything salvageable before pulling the man into a net. You got on top of your speeder bike and rode to your hut, you got off your bike and dragged the unconscious man into your home, you leaned him against the wall before dragging old ship parts into your garage, you knelt in front of the unconscious man and patted him down. You looked at the hilt of what looked
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Loki X Reader: Singing in the Shower (One-Shot!)
Loki X Reader: Singing in the Shower (One-Shot!)
    Loki took a deep breath and knocked on the door of his brother’s apartment, he straightened his tie before looking up to see his brother Thor open the door and grin happily at him. Thor gave him a loving hug before welcoming inside, he took his brothers umbrella and placed it aside before taking his jacket to hang it up; Loki suspiciously looked around before following his brother into the kitchen.
    “Would you like some water? A cup of tea?” Thor asked.
    Loki stopped in his tracks, hearing angelic humming from the bathroom down the hall, “You didn’t tell me you had company” Loki said sternly.
    “She won’t be here for long, maybe a week at most” Thor said, giving his brother a soft smile, “Tea?” He asked once more.
    “Whatever happened between you and that mortal, Jane
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Loki X Reader: One Last Chance [Short Story]
Loki X Reader: One Last Chance [Short Story]
    It had been months since you and Loki had broken up, your roommate had gone on vacation which left you with some time alone for the week ahead. Loki had broken up with you this time, you and Loki had broken up before and it usually meant that you broke it off, yours and Loki’s relationship hadn’t ended the best way either; you had hardly talked at all toward the end of it, you were at your throats, ready to kill each other at any second. Loki was perfect and neither were you, but something had changed in Loki during your relationship, he became cooped up and wouldn’t talk to you and when he did he was often angry or upset, you tried your best to get through to him but it became too much to the point where you had given him your all, until nothing of you was left.
    After the relationship you felt freed in a way, as the weeks passed you became filled with anger, wondering why you ha
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Loki X Reader: Dinner with Family [Short Story]
Loki X Reader: Dinner with Family [Short Story]
A/N: So, as you know this is a very long story, it's almost 6000 words. It was originally supposed to be a One-Shot but I got a little carried away and kinda made it too long. So, I guess it's a super long One-Shot, let's just call it a short story. Anyways, this is quite the lengthily one, I hope you enjoy! <3
    Loki stepped out of the taxi and walked around and opened the door for you, holding out his hand, you took his hand and got out, letting him close the door behind you. You payed the driver and watched him drive off before turning around to look at Loki, you straightened his black tie and moved a few strands of hair out of his face that weren’t slicked back properly, you were about to straighten his blazer and tuck in his white shirt but he stopped you and buttoned it up himself, “That’s enough” He said. “How awful do I look?” You asked, looking d
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A Moment

The early sun shines thru the bedroom window of 26 year old Sarah.

She winces at the light, cursing that she forgot to close the curtains last night.

Getting up would fix it, but she really doesn’t want to. It’s so warm and soft here.

Deeper sounding curses emanate behind her.

An arm stretches over her body, flicks his wrist, and the curtains close.

The room is delightfully dark now.

Thank you.” She sighs.

Grumbles are all she gets as a reply as the arm tightens around her waist. That and his soft lips kissing her hair before he buries his face back into his pillow.

Sarah smiles and snuggles closer to her husband.
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Joki Glomp. by creepypastajack Joki Glomp. :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 8 14 Joker (Christmas version) 6 by ThePuddins Joker (Christmas version) 6 :iconthepuddins:ThePuddins 30 4 Happy Halloween by Harmony1965 Happy Halloween :iconharmony1965:Harmony1965 53 21
Family Portrait (Alternate)
No one had expected it when suddenly Loki proposed to Darcy out of the blue. No one figured for the two to take their relationship that serious, but Darcy accepted without a second thought. They were married within a month. Every Avenger and their friends and family were there, and Frigga herself came from Asgard to meet the woman her son was to marry, and witness the marriage herself. She brought with her a gift for Darcy as well; one of Idun's apples.
Other than being married, the two were no different in the least bit. Until a couple months after the wedding. That was when they discovered she was pregnant.
When she and Loki told everyone, Stark looked as though he was going to have a heart attack at the news. The rest of the Avengers were just as terrified of the prospect of having a little Loki running around soon - especially one spawned from Darcy's womb. And they had a right to be terrified; the woman's hormones during her pregnancy made her something of a legend around S.H.I.E.
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Loki by Ka-ren Loki :iconka-ren:Ka-ren 166 4 Maleficent and Loki by Ka-ren Maleficent and Loki :iconka-ren:Ka-ren 281 44 16 Loki by Ka-ren 16 Loki :iconka-ren:Ka-ren 171 10
Family Portrait
No one had expected it when suddenly Loki proposed to Darcy out of the blue. No one figured for the two to take their relationship that serious, but Darcy accepted without a second thought. So Loki took his fiancee to Asgard with Thor and Jane following, and the very next week, the two mischief makers were married.
It was barely a week after that when Darcy was given a fancy dress (Just as nice as her wedding gown if not more so) to wear for the royal family portrait. Even though she married the wayward son, she was now a member of Asgard's royal family. And apparently taking a family picture whenever a new member of the family was added was tradition.
However, as she followed Loki to where they would be taking said picture, no one explained to her that on Asgard, pictures were taken by hand. As in, family portraits were hand painted. As she walked into the chambers with Odin, Frigga and Thor waiting on the newlyweds, she immediately spotted the easel. "What's that?"
"It is an easel, M
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After A few months I finally have internet again yes!! so I am happy to be back to Deviant. I am looking forward to reading all your wonderful FanFics and looking at all the wonderful artwork as well. I have missed out on so much, so I am going to try to get caught up. everybody have a wonderful week as well.


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United States
I have both Danish and welsh/Scottish royal kings and queens in my family lines ,that includes Henry the 5th,8th and Queen Victoria and Robert the Bruce and many others. I love any thing that deals with my royal family and the myths, legends or history surrounding them.currently I am single and hope to find my soul mate someday. I love animals of all kinds and I love being in or around nature and that is why I live near a mountain and near a forest. I also am a big hobbit and lord of the rings fan and also I like once upon a time t.v series and yes I am a Hiddlestoner and proud member of Loki's army. so that is me in a nut shell and thanks and Welcome to all!!!


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