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Joki Glomp. by creepypastajack Joki Glomp. :iconcreepypastajack:creepypastajack 8 14 Joker (Christmas version) 6 by ThePuddins Joker (Christmas version) 6 :iconthepuddins:ThePuddins 30 4 Happy Halloween by Harmony1965 Happy Halloween :iconharmony1965:Harmony1965 50 21
Family Portrait (Alternate)
No one had expected it when suddenly Loki proposed to Darcy out of the blue. No one figured for the two to take their relationship that serious, but Darcy accepted without a second thought. They were married within a month. Every Avenger and their friends and family were there, and Frigga herself came from Asgard to meet the woman her son was to marry, and witness the marriage herself. She brought with her a gift for Darcy as well; one of Idun's apples.
Other than being married, the two were no different in the least bit. Until a couple months after the wedding. That was when they discovered she was pregnant.
When she and Loki told everyone, Stark looked as though he was going to have a heart attack at the news. The rest of the Avengers were just as terrified of the prospect of having a little Loki running around soon - especially one spawned from Darcy's womb. And they had a right to be terrified; the woman's hormones during her pregnancy made her something of a legend around S.H.I.E.
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 7 9
Loki by Ka-ren Loki :iconka-ren:Ka-ren 166 4 Maleficent and Loki by Ka-ren Maleficent and Loki :iconka-ren:Ka-ren 278 44 16 Loki by Ka-ren 16 Loki :iconka-ren:Ka-ren 169 10
Family Portrait
No one had expected it when suddenly Loki proposed to Darcy out of the blue. No one figured for the two to take their relationship that serious, but Darcy accepted without a second thought. So Loki took his fiancee to Asgard with Thor and Jane following, and the very next week, the two mischief makers were married.
It was barely a week after that when Darcy was given a fancy dress (Just as nice as her wedding gown if not more so) to wear for the royal family portrait. Even though she married the wayward son, she was now a member of Asgard's royal family. And apparently taking a family picture whenever a new member of the family was added was tradition.
However, as she followed Loki to where they would be taking said picture, no one explained to her that on Asgard, pictures were taken by hand. As in, family portraits were hand painted. As she walked into the chambers with Odin, Frigga and Thor waiting on the newlyweds, she immediately spotted the easel. "What's that?"
"It is an easel, M
:iconfangirlmasquerade:fangirlMasquerade 10 8
A Poor Liaison~Prologue (Thranduil x Reader)
The stars are bright tonight. You stare out, the wind blowing your hair slightly around your face. The stink of fish and sewer linger in the air. You've gotten used to it over these eighteen years. Your brother and sister are inside, speaking quietly. Da is still not home yet. You're getting worried, your stomach flip-flopping in awkward lurches every minute. Your father made sure you get them in bed at a reasonable time before he left in a rather hurry. A sound, then another, almost like metal scrapping against metal, and you look around, confused at the source.
"Da? Da, is that you?" you call out into the darkness. No reply. You begin to dread the worst, images of your father being taken and tortured flash before your eyelids. You swallow, your throat closing at that thought. Turning inside, a blur lunges towards you, dropping from the roof and unable to comprehend right away, you scream, reaching to the doorway and frantically trying to close it. The little men, the dwarves, p
:icontonightweare:tonightweare 5 0
Thranduil by TheIdeaFix Thranduil :icontheideafix:TheIdeaFix 207 19
Mature content
Pride-Thorki AU-Chapter 24 :iconvahisa:Vahisa 3 3
The girl and the giant - part four by eleathyra The girl and the giant - part four :iconeleathyra:eleathyra 251 32 Queen of dragons by jiuge Queen of dragons :iconjiuge:jiuge 1,671 21 Thor  Loki by Lokisenchantress Thor Loki :iconlokisenchantress:Lokisenchantress 9 2 Prepare for trouble, and make it double! by Lokisenchantress Prepare for trouble, and make it double! :iconlokisenchantress:Lokisenchantress 9 4
Rise from the Ashes - Chapter 3
Rise from the Ashes
Dramione, DH - EWE, Post-Hogwarts, Ministry Fic
Chapter Three: Tests
“Harry, I said, what is he doing here?” Hermione asked again, ignoring Malfoy’s salutation. Her tone was short, and her eyes, when they flickered briefly to him, were suspicious and cross.
          Draco watched her carefully, prudent enough to keep his expression neutral and very firmly stuffing his previous thoughts about her into a very dark corner of his mind in hopes that they might erase themselves. She had grown, as they all had, although she was still short in comparison to him and Potter. Her face would have had a feminine curve to it as her body did, but her jaw was currently tight with irritation, lips thin and pursed. No matter how much time had passed, Granger was still Granger, and Granger clearly still had a grudge. He could hardly hold it against her. She seemed intent on ignoring him, h
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After A few months I finally have internet again yes!! so I am happy to be back to Deviant. I am looking forward to reading all your wonderful FanFics and looking at all the wonderful artwork as well. I have missed out on so much, so I am going to try to get caught up. everybody have a wonderful week as well.


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I have both Danish and welsh/Scottish royal kings and queens in my family lines ,that includes Henry the 5th,8th and Queen Victoria and Robert the Bruce and many others. I love any thing that deals with my royal family and the myths, legends or history surrounding them.currently I am single and hope to find my soul mate someday. I love animals of all kinds and I love being in or around nature and that is why I live near a mountain and near a forest. I also am a big hobbit and lord of the rings fan and also I like once upon a time t.v series and yes I am a Hiddlestoner and proud member of Loki's army. so that is me in a nut shell and thanks and Welcome to all!!!


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