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Rastaban in featherwork


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Rastaban in featherwork


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Fantasy Size chart and nomenclature

Aquila the Phoenix - Original

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A time already forgotten -

Uchiha Madara

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Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire

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A deadly allure


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Fiery wind


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Corazon -

PCM, Art Trades, Gifts

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Mito Kitsune costume design (AU)

WIP Linearts Color Book

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Eyes of the dragon

Birds myth etc

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A reminder of the Darkness

A reminder of the darkness "Madara could feel the velvety feel of a blanket involving his body; he could feel the bed under his back, the cold night air filling his lungs with each breath, the familiar sound of the insects fluttering around the lamp ... He could even feel the sweet smell of incense burning continuously. The black-haired man sat on the mat, trying to locate himself. He knew he was in his room, but he could not see anything. As much as he opened his eyes, however much he tried, all he could see was the deepest darkness, as if he were in a bottomless pit. So that was the end? "A blind Uchiha is a dead Uchiha." Madara had h


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Fly with me


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Meme -  Naruto

Memes - Comedy - Chibi

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A light in the darkness -

Naruto Other

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Eternal Strife: Senju and Uchiha

Duality collection

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Moon Goddess

Rikudou's era

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Fly with me


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Gamma draconis


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A time already forgotten -

Pre Konoha

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Everything we believed in

Friend's OCs

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Altair - fast drawing


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