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Hair coloring Tutorial

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Sort of a tutorial I made about hair coloring... since a friend requested it and some people have asked me tips and what programs I use, etc... so here is it.

Then you ask me why I choose Aquila as the model if she has crazy red hair? Simply because I think there is already plenty of tutorials with more "common" or traditional hair types out there

Hope you like it, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask... I'm not used to design those kind of stuff.. if it helps a bit I'm happy lol

I did it in the same style as my ID
Phoenix brushes:
Feather brushes:…
Arcane brushes:…
Evanescence font:…

Aquila the phoenix: My character :iconfireeaglespirit:
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hindun28's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial! ^^
FireEagleSpirit's avatar
Oh, I hope it helped :heart:
hindun28's avatar
That's really help very well ^^
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This tutorial is amazing o: But i have just one question if you dont mind. For each shade/highlight you do, Do you do it on one layer only or multiple layers? D: Because ive tried doing it on one only and it doesn't look right.
FireEagleSpirit's avatar
Thanks a lot! :heart:

It depends, in SAI when I use multiple layers it helps achieving definition, since the colors won't blend with the ones under in another layers.... so if you want very definite strands make another layers, and when you want it more soft just draw in the same layer as the main "body" of the hair...

I hope this helps ^^ and yes, generally I use various layers, it is hard to draw hair in only one
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Thank you so much omg. I was trying to do it on one layer and it was driving me crazy lol. c: thanks so much.
StormRaven333's avatar
OoOoh...thanks  for sharing...that's gonna take a lot of layers!  but that's art! XD
FireEagleSpirit's avatar
Yay, but it is worth to get a lot of details ;p
MiKeiLo's avatar
So glad you did such a wonderful tutorial, dear :la: So helpful! I love it so much, I will definitely try to apply it to my style however, maybe combining mine with your type of colouring! :giggle: 

Great job!!!! :D  Each step is amazing!
FireEagleSpirit's avatar
Hehehe, your hair stuff is so amazing you don't need any tutorial dear, I like how it's all fluffy and flowing :giggle: My favorite style of drawing hair ;p

Thanks dear :iconiloveyouplz:
BunjiTheWolf's avatar
And thus a Goddess is born :3
FireEagleSpirit's avatar
:iconicameplz: Ahww, you flatter me so much!
BunjiTheWolf's avatar
hehe ^_^ what can I say your art is awesome
Gokuist's avatar
OOOOOOMG... gracias!
me encanta como haces el cabello
FireEagleSpirit's avatar
Ahwww, obrigada querida :hug: :heart:
OPStrawhat's avatar
this is very helpful, thanks!
FireEagleSpirit's avatar
Thanks a lot, I'm glad to hear that ;p
Overrated-Relish's avatar
I have to do this... when I get enough money for SAI. ;u;
FireEagleSpirit's avatar
Hope it will be helpful :p
mewh2's avatar
Just download it from piratebay?

Overrated-Relish's avatar
Isn't that illegal..?
mewh2's avatar
They won't punish you for it, only when big companies do it for commercial use.
And if they do, then i'll pay you out of jail, doesn't that sound lovely?
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